8 Common Sexual Injuries

There is nothing more pleasurable giving than having sex in this world. People are even ready to go miles just to fulfill their sexual desires. But the act not only helps you fill satisfied but it enriches your health too. Individuals, who practice lovemaking at least twice a week, suffer less bad health. The mind remains fresh, you love to work more, your heart rate improves, and so many other benefits you can gain just by alluring your sexual appetite.

Sex helps you reduce stress and even betters your skin’s viscosity. But like any other thing in this mortal world, it has side effects too. Undergoing a lot of push-in and pull-out games, you can suffer some injuries that will not be good for your sexual health. Cautionary actions and a little bit of patience can hand you a lot better health to dwell lifelong. One cannot just play the game of love all the time. It may cause them fatigue too.

As per studies, a person, who has an active pleasure-making life, is happier than any other normal human being. The practice helps in activating the cerebral reward system and produces an immense sense of pleasure. The happy hormones are released and remain responsible for a deep sensation. Moreover, couples who engage in making love frequently stay together for an extended period. But there is no harm in maintaining safety during the game. Let your passion drive you closer to your partner instead of pulling you off.

Like any other physical activity, giving more effort to sexual practice may cause you fatigue. You should prepare yourself for physical penetration before and after the action. The place of exercise, the intensity of penetration, and other external factors also remain responsible for the injuries coming later. Sexual injuries not only give you pain physically, but sometimes people even get emotional damage too. They fail to satisfy their partners which haunts them and may become severe. Here are some of the most common sexual injuries you can come across.

Chafing & Skin Irritation

When you tend more towards practicing physical pleasure, your sexual organs experience a lot of friction. Although this is the only process your body knows but too much friction can cause irritation, chafing, or rashes on the external and internal skin of your genitals. People even find their organs swell and boost mental distress. Your bladder may suffer which builds infection in the walls of the vagina and the skin of the penis. If you are suffering from any of such issues, it is best to consult a doctor as soon as possible.


People who are in an intimate relationship with others undergo sudden involuntary muscular contractions. The phenomenon is also called spasm, which does not affect anyone during a pleasure game. But too much of anything must be avoided. There can be temporary issues that can be easily dealt with. However, if you see them frequently you must see a health practitioner. You can also avoid them by taking pauses. It will give your muscles ample time to recover and resist additional injuries like lacerations.


From your childhood, you might have suffered a lot of bruises. But bruises in your sexual organs and that on the external organs like limbs, knees, or elbows are different. Yes, it is true that intensity leaves marks, but that must not happen when you are trying to engage in a lustful act. While doing sex anyone or both can suffer bruises. A deep, intensified, and strong caress can also cause an injury. Sometimes a peck or innocent love bite discolors the spot. The best is to do everything carefully.

Muscle Sprain

Muscle sprains are common for every people whether or not they are practicing sex which heals on its own. Repetitive movements while doing lustful acts for a long time or even practicing a daunting position may cause muscle sprains. Many individuals undergo regular exercises to avoid such circumstances. Kegel exercises are best known to support your back, pelvic region, and thighs which considerably help during sexual acts. While doing intercourse, if you find your muscles spraining give yourself some time. Take some rest and start fresh.

Intimate Organ Injuries

Your intimate organs are tender and require special care to perform well. Because of various taboos in society, people fear or feel shy to discuss the problems related to their reproductive parts. Such people can find a lot of help on the web. Coming to the point, if you are suffering from the same, you should increase the level of lubrication. Lubricants work like magic when you are practicing sex. Water-based lubricants facilitate the process by increasing the heat between you and your partner and increasing intensity.

“Broken” Penis

No, no! A penis does not have a bone in it that will break. There is a phenomenon called a penal fracture. It is not a common sex injury that can cause anyone. If you have undergone it recently, you must see a doctor immediately. It is a serious matter where you do not get the boner or fail to have an erection before sex. The problem can lead to erectile dysfunction and restrict you from playing the pleasure game lifelong. Sometimes people go for the dominant positions where someone rides over the male organ and eventually hurts it. Intense masturbation is one more cause of the same.

Heart Attack

Yes, it is surprising! When sex helps in improving the heart rate, how can it cause heart attacks? The question is obvious but if you are suffering from medical issues with your heart, taking heart rate-increasing medicines, or have a problem with blood pressure, you can suffer from heart attacks while making love. Sex is a physical activity that uses your limbs, drains your energy, and forces you to go beyond the extra mile. So sexual intercourses become highly intensifying causing a sudden boost in heart rate that may cause heart attacks.

Injuries Due To Erotic Toys

The emergence of sex toys has revolutionized the world of sex. Not only straight people but gays, lesbians, and transsexuals have a got a new meaning to their acts because of these toys. The erotic objects offer immense pleasure and even multiply it. However, if you do not have the perfect knowledge to use them, it is better to go through the manuals or tutorials for help. An erotic toy used wrongly can cause a lot of damage to your intimate organs.

How to Prevent Sexual Injuries

Injuries may happen to anyone at any place. But that does not mean you will leave enjoying the action. You just have to follow the precautionary measures before, during, and after the practice. Since the acts involve at least two people, it is also crucial to make your partner comfortable before trying anything that suits you. Understand the limits, take pauses when required, apply lubricant, make use of pillows and cushions, and employ all other means that make the action fruitful. Communicate with your partner and with health consultants to enjoy sex to the fullest.