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Some Common Sexual Myths That Everybody Should Aware Of

Sex is considered perhaps the most pleasurable activity. Involving in sex takes you to the new world of fun, enjoyment, and pleasure, but when it comes to having a fair discussion on it, people get feared or feel embarrassed to do so. Over the years people have been receiving information through various modes, be it […]

Is Online Sex a Threat to Real Sex? Explained

No one had ever imagined that the people globally would be restricted to the home isolation one day. Today, this is the part of our life and we have to learn to live with safety protocols until the COVID-19 gets eliminated. Like many other things, our responses to sex desires have also taken a new […]

Wild Sex and Lovemaking—Which You Need to Focus on More

When it comes to having sex, every man tries to make it a wild session. Every couple believes that they are experimental in bed through different sex positions. Since, romantic moments are really great, but no one loves engaging more in any such moments that seem to be less wild and more lovemaking. Often, people […]

How Sexting Can Be Turned into an Amazing Session during the COVID-19?

It is true that the global pandemic has changed the way how we used to do our day to day activities—sex is not immune to the COVID-19 pandemic. With a number of options available to the people, new and innovative ways of enjoying erotic desires have come up. People are embracing new-age technologies to find […]

How to Get Multiple Orgasms during Sex?

Orgasm plays an important role when you go for physical intimacy. It helps to enjoy your sex session in pleasurable way. More your sex session be pleasurable more you feel connected and bonded to each other as a couple. So,having orgasm and making your partner to feel orgasm is mandatory during sex. In comparison to […]

Myths about Masturbation You Should Stop Accepting As True

Do you believe masturbation is unhealthy? Think again. You might have got some misconceptions about this practice—read on this blog and get all the popular myths busted. You should stop accepting as true right now. Here this blog explores some proven facts to help you know how this is healthy whether you are in a […]

Teabagging: Know to Tips to Maximize Your Pleasure

As we all know that every day more and more sexual practices are discovered that bring a new form of pleasure. But, the question is how much is known about them as everyone that is talked has a name. In the case of teabagging which is quite similar to tea bags. So now what does […]

How to Make Sex Pleasurable With Mask?

As we know the whole world is under the shadow of fear of COVID 19. Now vaccines are available, still people are advised to follow COVID rules. All close contacts within 6 feet are restricted yet and sex is one of them.  As we know virus spreads by respiratory droplets, coming into contact with a […]

How Sex Toys Are Helpful in Solo or Couple’s Act?

Sex is the ultimate need of everybody. It is considered the most pleasurable activity. If we talk about its benefits, it does not only provide us pleasure, in addition to that, it acts as a mood booster, stress reliever and provides many health benefits. Be it performed solo or with a partner, sexual activity has […]

Most Common Sexual Mistakes You Should Stop Immediately

You don’t need a satin sheet or champagne to create an environment for the ultimate sexual pleasure—what you need to watch out is some common sexual mistakes that should always avoid. Read on this blog post to know about some common mistakes that most people hardly realize while having sex. Becoming More Intimate: You need […]