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Sex Wearing Socks: Good or Bad Idea?

Indulging in sexual intercourse asks you to remain cloth-less. But there are a few things, like socks, you can put on to spice up the action. People have produced mixed expressions on using socks during sex. According to a few, wearing a pair of stockings or something like that while mating minimizes the attractiveness of… Read More >>

Sex At Work: Should You Do It Or Not?

Colleagues are such people who remain as your friend and a helping hand at the workplace. You are in the same profession, dwelling under the same roof, trying to execute a plan with a mutual goal. However, fantasizing to have an affair with them is no rocket science. You talk very often, share tasks, glance… Read More >>

How to Please Men?

The fight over “what is more complicated, convincing a man or a woman” is eternal. People will come and go but the solutions and opinions will change with the pace of time. For many people, it is a bit clearer how to get to a woman as many talks about it and provide a handful… Read More >>

6 Sex Facts Often Ignored

The feeling of attraction or desire is common when someone starts liking other people. They try to connect because of some of the natural instincts humans have inherited. As per scientific studies, the brain indulges in every job of the body giving out an adrenaline rush due to moments of pleasure, passion, attraction, and sexual… Read More >>

Pornemia: The Sexual Drought

You can’t only blame the global pandemic; humans have changed their behavior of getting sex due to various reasons. Adult apps like Oklute and others have derived the fact using the latest technologies. People don’t meet or have relationships in traditional ways. It seems getting physical with someone has become far more difficult than ever…. Read More >>

Geisha Balls: A Detailed Study

Fantasy and sex have a definite relation. Erotic toys like penis rings and vibrators have always been in the hype. But the emergence of the global pandemic asked people to step forward one more mile. The items make look bizarre or unorthodox but the pleasure they provide is unmatchable. Just like Geisha balls. These Chinese… Read More >>

Do People Send Penis Pics Out of Trend or Addiction?

In the present day, everyone has got a gadget in their hands that let people communicate, listen to songs, watch movies, take pictures, and send them as multimedia messages. Mobile devices have really advanced humans to another level. But with every good side comes the bad side of the boons. More or less every woman… Read More >>

Ways To Stimulate a Woman’s G-Spot

A woman is God’s ultimate piece of beauty. And only expert techniques can make them happy. Satisfying a lady needs precision and dignity which their body always prefers. To provide the most intensified moments that they enjoy with utter pleasure, the best way is to reach their most sensitive body part, the G-spot. The organ… Read More >>

Why Do People Fall For What Is Difficult To Achieve?

What makes you more satisfied, something easy to find or difficult to achieve? As per research, most people have shown their interest in the things that are hard to find or do. Human psychology always appreciates the efforts they make to grab something. An achievement only gives you accomplishment when fight hard to attain or… Read More >>

4 Ways: How to Reach Male Satisfaction

As a popular belief, most individuals think it is easy to please a male. Women’s issues and remedies are discussed quite often more than males. So putting down or ignoring males’ likes and dislikes is common. God made humans, regardless of their gender, the same in most cases. Both can have lust, desire for the… Read More >>