Getting Sexual Pleasure through the King Out Technique

All the heterosexual couples in a committed relationship feel that they cannot enjoy mind-blowing sexual intercourse without anal or vaginal penetration. Factors including lack of sex education, patriarchy, taboos around men and women’s pleasure, and other cultural influences have encouraged this thinking among the partners. But the truth is that couples can enjoy non-penetrative sex […]

Importance of Sexy Intimate Apparel in Enhancing Sexual Appeal

Sexy lingerie is a piece of clothing that can enhance self-confidence and self-esteem in both men and women. Every person should wear presentable, high-quality, and attractive lingerie that suits their body, choices, and lifestyle keeping the shape, size, and budget in mind. Several inner wears are available for men and women to make them look […]

Having the Best Oral Sex of All Times with Your Partner

Every partner has a different taste when it comes to pleasure before, during, or after a lovemaking session. It can be intensely satisfying when you can find out what works best for your better half. Several sexual activities can strengthen the love life between couples, and one such activity is oral sex. It is an […]

Psychological Factors Affecting Orgasm

Orgasm is a physical reflex when a person reaches the peak of sexual arousal, leading to muscle contraction in the genitals, physical satisfaction, and high sensation. Orgasm is ordinary in males and females and can be achieved with or without sexual intercourse. But, several psychological factors affect the feeling of pleasure, such as anxiety, mental […]

All You Need to Know About Kunyaza

Kunyaza is a sexual technique originated from Rwanda that brings women pleasure making them ejaculate. This term “Kunyaza” refers to the female ejaculation or squirting and making a woman happy about her sexual life. It is referred to as the release of white fluids from the urethra of a woman and protects from any urinary […]

Why Is It Good To Moan During Sexual Intercourse?

Moaning during sex is an involuntary act of communicating your feelings with your partner or exciting them quickly. It is a way of enjoying yourself during the lovemaking session. Sex helps reduce stress and boost the immune systems of couples, and moans, screams, or other sounds can add a different flavor to the act. A […]

Facts and Misconceptions about Anal Sex

Anal sex is a kind of sexual practice that involves the insertion of the penis into the anus of a female partner. Couples who love to explore new things in their love life to improve sexual relationships give a try to this activity. Sex is necessary to keep a love relationship alive, and it also […]

How to Have Better Sex in Bed with Your Partner?

Sex plays a crucial role in making a relationship healthy and alive. A partner should understand another partner’s emotional and physical needs to strengthen the love bond and improve life. Good sex helps people make a deep connection with their partners, and couples should never take it for granted. It helps people recover from mental […]

Sexual Compatibility of Men with Young or Mature Women

Sex is different for men to men depending on their preferences and desires. Men’s choice for young or mature women relies on their interest and attitude towards sex. They prefer mature ladies to get complete mental and physical satisfaction. On the other hand, if they love experimenting with sexual activities, they will pick a young […]

Exciting Ways of Kissing Your Partner According to Kamasutra

Kisses are important when expressing love to someone. Kissing also makes a relationship healthy and alive, like sexual intercourse. A good kiss can enhance the mood and sexual appetite of both partners. As mentioned in the Kamasutra, it is an essential part of foreplay. Kamasutra is an ancient Hindu book about love, intimacy, and sexual […]