Why is Casual Sex Trending Among All Age Groups?

Nowadays, people have become so advanced that they do not hesitate to indulge in casual friendship, dating, and casual sex. They are ready to hook up with any person through the internet, phone calls, face-to-face meetings, and datings and have sex with them. These people want things to remain for a short time in their […]

Overcoming Anxiosexuality and Finding Love in Life

Everybody is facing mental stress, feeling anxious and tiredness, which prevents them from living a happy and satisfying life. Anxiety stops you from making decisions in life and expressing your feelings to your partner. Some people fear loving their partners and getting close to them. Some lose the desire to have sex with their partner, […]

Picking Out the Right Lingerie According to Comfort

Lingerie is the essential clothing of women that provides comfort and confidence to them. It enhances the physical beauty of women and makes them more beautiful. Most women do not think much when it comes to shopping for lingerie and other luxury innerwear. They simply select lingeries without considering their quality, fabric, or comfort level. […]

Is it good to Have Sexual Intercourse during Menstruation?

Sexual intercourse during menstruation has always been a very controversial topic in every religion and culture. There are stories that women on periods are impure and untidy, so they should avoid sexual intercourse with their male partners. Some couples feel pretty comfortable about having sex during the periods. But, some people get afraid about period […]

Sex Trends to Look Out for in 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected our lives to a great extent. It has changed our way of living, daily routines, and, most importantly, sexual behavior, patterns, and sexual trends. The introduction of several sex trends is giving new meaning and dimensions to couples and their love lives. These trends have brought a new wave of […]

Proposing Your Partner for new Sexual Fantasy

Every people have some fantasies in their life which they want to fulfill someday. And talking about sexual fantasies between couples, there may be endless. Some fantasies can be wild, and some can be sober, depending on the couple’s mood. Some sexual fantasies can give a new dimension to a couple’s relationship or love life, […]

What is Facefucking and How to Enjoy It?

Several sexual practices can provide fun and pleasure to couples. One such approach is facefucking when a man slides his penis in and out of his female partner’s mouth or deep inside the throat and grabs her head still. The male partner continues to insert his penis in and out at high speed or sometimes […]

All You Need to Know About Singapore Kiss

There are several sexual techniques that a couple can enjoy to feel pleasure, intense orgasms, and sex even more. One such technique is Singapore Kiss, also known as Pompoir. In this technique, a woman squeezes her vaginal muscles to stimulate her partner’s penis. The aim of this technique is to maximize the pleasure of lovemaking […]

How Can Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) Help You Feel Relax?

ASMR is a sensation that a specific population may induce by listening to triggering music or watching triggering videos. It is a delightful tingling feeling that some people experience at the top of their heads that extends to the neck and back when they are exposed to specific triggers. It’s a pleasurable feeling that’s frequently […]

How to Get a Feeling of Sensuality and Eroticism Out of Body Painting

Body painting can create a pure and genuine blend of utilizing the imagination to play between nudity and visual marks. It has the ability to change you into a piece of art or a whole new character. Once you start to see what’s happening on your skin, you become more confident and discover a new […]