How Nipple Stimulation Can Help You Enjoy Better?

The nipples and breasts are crucial erogenous zones that may not receive sufficient stimulation during sexual encounters. Often, only a kiss or quick lick is given, which may be perceived as adequate by the partners. However, there are more creative, enjoyable, and stimulating ways to avoid monotony and enhance intimacy during sex. Stimulating the nipples… Read More >>

Merits and Demerits of Kissing!

It is not rocket science to know how kisses give you pleasure. The action neither pushes anything vulgar nor shows it as a casual gesture. The act of touching someone’s body part with your lips will activate a sensation of caress, love, and emotion. Moreover, your lips can capably activate the hormones that are actually… Read More >>

Facts about Queer Platonic Relationships

Humans are bound to each other with their feelings. One can feel for their parents, friends, siblings, spouse, and others to remain in a relationship. And things need not be romantic all the time. Even couples in Queer Platonic Relationships do not indulge in any romantic feelings yet maintain a bond to carry forward their… Read More >>

Grower or Shower: Which One People Like

Stereotypes and prejudices have always been the cause of myths and misconceptions. In the case of human sexual organs, people have confused too. They cannot judge whether size matters or not. Debates around the same have pulled a lot of attention and even dammed people’s voices. As per their nature, every individual has a different… Read More >>

8 Common Positions Practiced by Lesbians

Sex in every form is a delight to experience. It does not matter what is your orientation, but you have all the rights and methods to make it fiery or delicate. It all depends on your mood whether you prefer a sweet affectionate time or an intense and passionate experience. For lesbians, the story can… Read More >>

How to Enjoy Transsexual People?

Trans people are seen with a different perspective everywhere. Many have doubts about how to show them benevolence or sympathy. But the fact is you don’t need to do so. One just has to be respectful to everyone, just like the urge for sex. A transsexual person is just like any other human being. They… Read More >>

8 Common Sexual Injuries

There is nothing more pleasurable giving than having sex in this world. People are even ready to go miles just to fulfill their sexual desires. But the act not only helps you fill satisfied but it enriches your health too. Individuals, who practice lovemaking at least twice a week, suffer less bad health. The mind… Read More >>

Which Couples like to invite a Unicorn in Their Relationships?

In contemporary times, you will find different kinds of couples. They like to relate in so many ways and allure their fantasies. People are trying to define new types of aura, and schools enjoy intimacy. Just like the term ‘unicorn’. As online media is taking over a number of things every day, portals are introducing… Read More >>

How Can One Become A Good Sissy?

Expressing your love and intimacy to someone has got new terms and exposure these days. As an individual, you can your tastes, opinions, orientation, and sexuality matters to you. Things may not seem pleasant for everyone, but you must not compromise with that. Just like the people who are Sissy. In this vast world, there… Read More >>

5 Variants of Male Masturbators to Use

If you ask a hundred people, what makes them enjoy pleasure; most of them will answer sex. In most research it is found who experience sex often or once in a while, are more satisfied in life. The action keeps them not only physically but also mentally fit. The act also will help you to… Read More >>