Which Couples like to invite a Unicorn in Their Relationships?

In contemporary times, you will find different kinds of couples. They like to relate in so many ways and allure their fantasies. People are trying to define new types of aura, and schools enjoy intimacy. Just like the term ‘unicorn’. As online media is taking over a number of things every day, portals are introducing numerous new ways of interaction. People who introduce themselves as unicorns are open to befriending anyone and everyone online and helping you fulfill your fantasies.

Unicorns are basically bisexual people who love to be in sexual relationships with males and females who are already partners. Just like the mythological animal that has a magical horn to fulfill everyone’s material wish, the unicorns in sexual relationships work as the third wheel. In general, they have a magical beauty that attracts both partners and asks them to invite the extraordinary being into their bedroom for a threesome party. The perfect unicorn will have the entire prowess to satisfy the sexual urges of a male and a female at the same time.

Types Couples

While you are exploring the sexual side of a relationship, be sure to know that the possibilities can go deep as the sea and high as the clouds. In recent times, everyone is okay with a straight, lesbian, gay, or transsexual relationship. That is why people are searching for more new ways to provide the ultimate bliss. As long as people have given their consent, you can indulge in any type of relationship. You don’t have to bother about anyone’s orientation or gender identity. Here are some of the most known types of couples.

Open Couple

Two individuals, who are dating each other but are also open to meeting new people and have a sexual and/ or emotional bond, are said to be open couples. These people do not worry about the consequences and remain free in their souls. They are not bound to someone neither they want someone to devote all their love to them. As a result, such people choose physical and emotional relationships just for fun and enjoyment. Pleasure is all that they desire, and remain loyal only to that.


Modern couples also practice polyamory. Here the participants of a love relationship desire and willfully practice a romantic as well as sexual relationship with someone other with the consent of all other partners. It means you can have more than one partner with whom you are sexually and emotionally involved, and no one has a problem with that, especially your partner and their partner. These types of people desire more than one person to be with on the bed and on the couch. However, you require a lot of skills to maintain such relationships.

Triejas or Throuple

As the prefix ‘tri’ suggests, it is a romantic relationship between three people. The throuple couples are involved in an intimate relationship with each other with mutual consent. The rules in such associations allow three individuals to share their feelings, interactions, and physical experiments. They can date, have sex, and participate in mutual relationships with each other and other people outside. In various countries, the practice of throuple is legal as long as all three members have each other’s consent.


The most known and prominent way of being in a relationship is monogamy. Here two people indulge in an intimate love relationship that also indulges their emotions. No one of these couples has multiple partners and remains loyal to each other. The practice is the most classic one and is accepted by societies, all over the world. The two people in a relationship keep the bond as long as they shower love, desire, and loyalty on each other. In your surroundings, you will normally observe these people only.

Unicorn Sex

Being a unicorn in a relationship is no less than magic. In normal terms, you will find two people, whether gay or straight, in a relationship, but adding a unicorn in the middle spices up things. That extra wheel is neither emotionally nor sentimentally related to the couple. Instead, they are here just to have and provide the perfect fun and enjoyment. People who practice being a unicorn have a broad understanding to explore sexuality and desires. The rules may be defined by the pre-made couple, which the unicorns do not hesitate to follow.

Inviting a unicorn does not let jealousy come in the middle. The sole purpose of the acts is to enjoy sexuality and fulfill hidden desires. The emotional-less act does not allow tying any strings behind and helps you only enjoy. Such relationships even resist allowing any mean-mindedness of sexual orientations. You just have to search for the bliss of fulfilling your sexual fantasies. Since gender identities and sexual orientations do not matter you can devote yourself only to sex.

How Unicorn Sex Works

Sex might seem to be an easy subject, but your need deep understanding to enjoy the acts. Bringing in a unicorn inside your perfect relationship may even shatter what you had earlier. So, you have to be cautious. The first and most important item in the act is to maintain transparency. You need to have mutual understanding at the highest level. One cannot get attracted to the unicorn emotionally. And last but not least is mutual consent. You can also follow the below-given points.

Communicate With Each Other

Be extremely honest with your partner when you desire to bring a third wheel to enjoy sex. You cannot ignore the other person when the subject makes a way through your intimacy. Sex is a trivial subject when practiced outside a fixed relationship. You need to know your limits and boundaries to make the experience alluring. Talk to the person beforehand whom you are calling for a threesome and define the desires. Everyone must affirm precautions and expectations without going beyond the limits. Ticking all the boxes will provide more enjoyable moments.

Build Trust & Understanding

Until you understand your desires and trust the people involved in the action, you cannot enjoy sex. The practice requires your 100% involvement. If in the middle of the action you start feeling jealous of the unicorn or your partner, you will ruin the whole arrangement. Only if one can digest that someone else is touching their companion intimately in front of them, they should proceed further. A half-hearted decision will damage the whole scene. So, be on a positive note while bringing a unicorn for a threesome.

The Best Way of Enjoying Unicorn Sex

Couples who love to explore all the extents of intimacy can handle the insurgence of a unicorn in between them. The ‘unicorn hunters’ are not found easily but if you find one, that can become your best ever experience. This fun exercise is trending these days. The dating apps and some of the ads in the special dating category in Oklute are also welcoming people to join the league. It is necessary that you have to think explicitly and go for mutual desire. Indulging a third person in your perfect relationship means you need of sharing pleasure.

Although female unicorns are the most desired ones, you must not see them in a biased way. Male gigolos also prove to be worthy when you want lust and satisfaction. Objectification and watching everything from a sexual point of view must be stopped. Only then you can enjoy being with a unicorn inside your bedroom. Highlight the desires and feelings you have for your partner and how things will not change even if a unicorn comes in the middle; one has to be clear about that. Try enjoying the practice to its fullest.