Children: Morality in Companions’ Motherhood

When a woman has a child, does she forfeit her right to a sexual life that is healthy? Mothers are sexual beings, right? If so, is it improper to work as a companion, have an active sexual life, and demand payment for it? Women who work as companions in addition to being mothers are subject to harsh criticism.

These two features appear to be incompatible from a legal and social standpoint.

It all comes down to etiquette and morality. It appears that being a companion disqualifies someone from moral considerations. This is exactly how women who have children are treated by those who see themselves as “morally superior,” which is code for those who have the authority to make laws and enforce them.

These people doubt moms’ abilities to raise their kids, but in their spare time, they seek solace and gratification from the exact women they belittle – women who work in a profession that is just as respectable as any other.

Ironically, of course, but can you really lose control of your kids if the father finds out you’re a companion?

In response to this common query in our line of work, it’s crucial to remember the following: If it can be demonstrated that one parent raises their children well and does not neglect their parental duties, then the fact that one of the parents is a prostitute will not prevent the other from being granted custody of the minor children. However, it is wise to review the legal system of the nation you live in. This is a problem that escort moms always have to worry about.

Their primary goal is to make sure their kids have all they need. They want to spend as much time as possible with their kids, provide them comfort, and keep working.

Take good care of your kids.

Excellent guidance. First and foremost, you should never see clients in your home or place of residence with your kids. Keep your phone out of their reach so they can’t view work-related images or access client contacts. Set up passwords for apps or reserve a device just for business.

Refrain from going into depth about your work in front of them, even if you believe they are unaware of it or are preoccupied.

Don’t bring up your kids, especially the girls, with your male clients. It’s tough to discern whether someone is acting inappropriately toward you.

Don’t leave them alone while you’re at work because, depending on the nation, this might be seen as abandonment.

Should I discuss my line of work with my kids?

First and foremost, are your kids old enough to comprehend what sexuality is? It is ineffective to try to explain anything to them that they cannot understand.

The length of your career in this field is another factor to take into account. If it’s just temporary, you might not need to worry about this information unless you want to keep doing the activity for a long time, which increases the chance that your kids will find out from other sources. Since the mother is directly involved, it is usually preferable for her to voice this viewpoint rather than letting outsiders make snap judgments about the circumstances without knowing all the facts.

Naturally, this assumes your kids are the right age. Steer clear of taking an approach that makes them feel sorry for you; instead, talk proudly about your career, which is a legitimate, honest job that supports your family and gives them the comforts they require.

Lastly, it’s okay to avoid talking about the subject if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. It’s better that your kids remain ignorant than to sow suspicions. Every family discussion needs to be managed carefully.

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