6 Top Sex Positions to Enjoy Great Pleasure

When you are talking about the position, everyone has their own preferences. The whole activity is to fulfill hidden desires and fantasies. You may try some ideas or have wishes that you feel will work. However, Kama Sutra lets you dive deeper and find out better pleasure-making positions. Making love is no less than an art, so you have to be precise with it. The action will not only satisfy you but make your partner enjoy it more. Until you both enjoy the deed, all the effort will go in vain.

As per many women, touching, pressing, and playing with their clitoris frequently gives them a sense of accomplishment. So, you must try various things in bed to spice up things. You have to build confidence not only socially but also in intimate manners. In the end, you are searching for the most pleasure-giving positions. Men, on the other hand, prefer deep penetration in general with an angle of sensual touch. The last word must be how you are enjoying the moment.

It is not necessary, that you have to interchange the sex positions frequently. But studies say you have to try newer positions at least once in a while to reach your maximum limit. The better you two improve, the more you gain confidence. Discovering sexual positions, lead to immense pleasure, but every time you don’t have to try a new posture that is difficult. Do not focus on the adult or porn industry. Things are as much hypothetical as you are watching a movie in the theater.

Just like your sexuality, your elasticity is your personal phenomenon. Reality is far from what you see on the screen. You must, instead, focus on your intimacy. The cozy you feel with each other, the better you enjoy sex. Lovemaking is a vast chapter. So, you have to explore it every day, bit by bit. Not everyone is a master, but those who have gained prowess can satisfy themselves and their partners in an equal manner. Here are some of the best sex positions to satisfy each other.

Lotus Position

The lotus position is favored by a lot of couples, which includes all the basics of making love. You implant caresses, kisses, and exchanges of glances that increase your intimacy. The position is easy and does not require a lot of effort. The partners have to sit face-to-face and cross-legged. One of them unfolds their legs and sits on top of the other, wrapping their partner’s body with the legs. In most cases, the male remains cross-legged, and the female sits on him, but you can try the opposite too. The friction in the clitoris will increase female pleasure.

Doggy Position

It is one of the easiest pose people can practice. This is a dominant position where the person penetrating can control the speed and enjoy the sense of arousal. They get the most ecstatic view of their partner’s buttocks and enjoy it the most. The person bends on their four limbs and feels enveloped by their partner as they penetrate from the back. Moreover, the Doggy style hands the couple to stimulate the breasts and clitoris at the same time. Since animals practice the same, many couples like this posture.

Spooning Position

Spooning is one of the classic poses humans have ever used to mate. In this position, both people lie down as the partner who has to penetrate grabs the other from their backside. The placement also helps the penetrator to kiss, smooch, and caress the one who is getting penetrated. The position is liked by a lot of couples, making them aroused in a different manner. The pleasure-making reel can be slowed or boosted as per the preference of the participants. The resultant feeling is something that cannot be explained just in words.

Missionary Position

Missionary is practiced by all couples. This arrangement is also a classic one and helps a couple enjoy it to the fullest. One can become a crazy fan of this act once one undergoes it. The position is one of the commonest needs for both partners to lie down face to face. Eye contact, kissing on the mouth, and caressing while penetrating, can make anyone go mad. The deeper the penetration, the more the couples enjoy. The intensity in most cases remains high providing ultimate bliss.

She on Top Position

One can use this position as the vice versa of the Missionary position. Here the woman remains on top of the man taking in the penetration in her style. The lady gets the most dominance here as they can check on the speed and intensity of the penetration. However, if the penetrator lies down with their penis upright the baton may even pass to them. The lady here can rub their clitoris to increase the sensation and experience a blast of pleasure. Both males and females can go for different variations of the position to satisfy themselves.

69 Position

As per content, 69 is the most famous position. In this action, there is no penetration involved. As the name says, here the couple lies down facing each other but in a different position. Both of them keep their faces towards the genitals of the other. The man and the woman provide an oral sex session to each other sucking out each other’s nectar. Here you can run your imagination go wild, and use your fingers, lips, tongue, and even toys to pleasure your partner.

Sexuality is a door to a world of new possibilities. There is nothing correct, and there is nothing wrong. Until you are hurting each other, you can go for any type of pleasure and position. The people must enjoy the sex positions at the same time; this must be the goal of every posture. Sex must be safe, and rejoicing then only, you will get the most awaited pleasure hunch. The action must lift the spirits of the participants in the game of penetration to the fullest.