Types of Passionate Kisses

When it comes to life, your mouth, teeth, tongue, and saliva prove to be quite important. They make up the oral cavity of a human that helps in eating food. But passionate people also agree on another point i.e., these organs play an important role while having an intimate relationship with your partner. In the game of pleasure, they mean a lot to the participants. The popular section is kissing. Kissing and smooching are integral parts of enjoying sex. The act is exciting as well as ignite.

The tongue and the lips have something magical in them. Their movement, pressure creation, and inducing saliva in the process cannot hold the sexual emotions of the receiver. It creates different sensations in different areas of the body. The simple process asks you to close your eyes and imagine the other person deeply to make the kisser and the receiver passionate at the same time and light the spark. One kiss can change the whole scenario of a relationship. There will be a flush of sensation and feelings in your whole body, wanting something more.

Kamasutra, the book of sex, has competently listed every type of kiss. But other than that humans have innovated a longer list. The sole job of the lip-to-lip touching by two people is to enjoy the experience. In an intimate course, most people take it as the preliminary job. But smooches are much more than that. Since the act of lip caressing means different to alternate individuals, many even reserve that for their trusted partner only. And that might be a reason you won’t have any male companion from Oklute resisting the lip-to-lip kisses.

Variant of Kisses

Kisses are one of the most sensuous ways to inform a person that you like them. That is why in movies, stories, novels, and romantic series, people find a multitude of kisses. Even in the adult & erotic content, you’ll find the people start with innocent kisses on the cheek to the proactive on the corner of the lips. The neck & earlobes are no less erogenous than the lips. The intimacy increases as one’s lips touch the other’s lips & forward accordingly. The tongues, when coming into action, turn the story differently. Here are some best-known sexual kisses.

French Kiss

French Kiss is the most popular of its kind that is seen in movies and on digital screens. Most couples love to practice this act often to tell their partners how much they care for each other. The act involves two people deeply in love touching, smooching, and caressing each others’ lips using their own. While doing this activity, a lot of hidden languages are used. You can make it more intimate and fiery by using your tongue in the process which increases friction and heat. Even if you are in the middle of an explicit position, you can try this kiss.

Lizard Kiss

Lizard Kiss is the next step of a French Kiss, where you allure your tongue inside the other partner’s mouth. You can practice this kiss often to become good at it. The action also tells that the other person wants to get erotic taking the partner under the sheets. One can easily use this technique to show their exotic love for the other person. Try sucking the tongue of your partner to arouse them quickly and well. Don’t hesitate to ice affection with your partner.

Eskimo Kiss

Eskimos are the people who live in the far-off land in the Arctic Circle. Here, it is too much cold and people use their mouths and lips very less. That might be the reason this kiss has got such a name. To practice this type of smooching, partners do not use their lips. They employ their noses to touch each other and show affection. Most people think this is the best way of showing affection to their partners. This gesture is sweet and innocent and can be interpreted in different manners.

Rainbow Kiss

The term, Rainbow Kiss may not be familiar to every individual but most people can connect with the course. It is kissing, licking, and sucking each other’s genitals. In colloquial practice, it is also famous as the 69 practice. You can also call it a type of oral sex practice. Both the kissers act in this type of practice sucking out semen and menstruation blood from each other. You can try this with your partner every even number of days to increase the deep intimacy.

Singaporean Sex Kiss

To everyone’s amazement, Singaporean Kiss does not involve any facial lips. People who are into lovemaking keep on trying new fetishes and fantasies that help them bring out a new act every time. In this case, two straight partners are involved using their genitals. During penetration, the vagina of the female gives kisses to the penis of the male. The female needs to use contraction of her vaginal muscles and blows kisses to the penis. Although the act seems tough, with kegel exercises, one can easily gain the stamina & wish of practicing this kiss.

Black or Greek Kiss

Black or Greek kissing is a definite sexual practice. You need strong bonding and immense passion for the other partner to do this practice. Here, the kisser places their mouth on the anus of the receiver. In this case, it will not be an error to call the action oral sex, where one’s mouth and the other’s genitals are involved. However, not many people know or practice this type of pecking. Many even call it a taboo and maintain a distance from it. As per studies, gay people are more into practicing this act.

White Kiss

As the days go by, people become more innovative. They try a new type of erotic gesture to keep their passion intact and fall for their partners. In recent times, people who are more into watching adult content online practice White Kiss. The practice distinctively contains a white fluid in the mouth of the kissers while they are kissing the other on their lips. The white fluid is semen or squirt that has come out because of the oral sex by the kissers.