How Pompous Are the Carnivals in Brazil?

Just wait for February if you are in Brazil. It is the most pompous time of the year. Colors, lights, and brightness takeover everything there making the pavements of the nation lively. It is Carnival time! Not every country in the world celebrates this, but the story is something different in the case of Brazil. Modern and traditional values amalgamate at this time. You can observe costumed crowds hovering in the streets and marionettes showing off a new theme or slogan each year.

As per local customs, a festival “king” and “queen” are also chosen wearing the perfect costume to entertain the crowd. The people of Brazil love these Carnival days. The crowd from various ethnicity, background, nationality, and identity engage in the festivities. People from Switzerland, Mexico, France, and Canada also join the local crowd and make the Carnival a grand success. Tourists from other countries travel to these places to enjoy the uniqueness of the festival. They explore good food, great company, long beaches, and sexy women. Here are a few more insights about the festival.

How Did It Start

Just like any other annual show, the Carnival is a religious one too. The word ‘Carnival’ itself comes from the Latin word carnislevale, which means ‘to avoid meat’. Many may think the meaning is contrary but the religious origin of the place says something like this. The festival is largely influenced by the bacchanalia and Dionysian festivals of the Greeks. Such occasions celebrated pleasure, fun, and fraternity as their main agendas. People used to indulge in lavish food, satiating drinks, and lusty sex.

You can clearly identify why the shows of this period have food, alcohol, and sexual pleasure. The Carnival days even in today’s time have not changed and have rather evolved into something really good. In the old times, people used to celebrate social roles. In modern days, the celebration has come out from every barrier and remains the center of joy for each and every person in the country. The fantasy of being the master whether in the road shows or on the bed is purely seen during this time.

Plenty of food, drinks, dance, fun, joy, and pleasure are the soul of the festival. People see others disguised as masters even after being slaves, and the tradition is coming in ancient days. No one asks about your caste, creed, nationality, sexual orientation, or any other detail to allow you to participate in this grand celebration. The conditions like color, belief, and social castes remain out of sight for everyone. It means you can enjoy yourself without any restrictions.

How Is It Celebrated In Brazil

Brazil’s epicenter of culture and tradition reflects the Carnival days. Although people from various countries come to enjoy the season, there is nothing without the local people. They are the best enthusiasts of this whole show. Many claims that the practice of enjoying and having fun was brought by the Portuguese here but the way the locals have embraced the festival, it seems the Carnival originated from Brazil itself. Not only that, but it also drives in a lot of economic help to the local government.

No state, province, city, or village misses this opportunity. Everyone indulges in celebration with whole faith and enthusiasm. The dances, masked balls, glitter, and confetti, all have come out of the same celebration. Every corner of Brazil not only enjoys the festivals but also earns a lot of revenue. The locals bring in a lot of economic growth from the tourists visiting the key cities of the country. The roads, hotels, and restaurants of places like Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, and Recife remind filled stuffed with a lot of tourists enjoying the Carnival.

To experience the best side of the celebration you have reached these places before or on the day of the Carnival. The traditions mix in the blood of the locals embracing the newer generation and their core culture. People of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo host school parades which are no less than magic to see. The festival-goers or the festeros appear in different styles. They carry a variety of lights and sounds doing the samba and employ a lot of humor to portray the story or a theme.

What More You Enjoy Here

The Carnival days are so pompous you will never like miss a single beat. That is why people even indulge in sexual pleasure. As per many, this is the best time to explore sexuality. You get limitless freedom, pleasure, and sensuality. The festival invites people to enjoy everything even their sexuality. You will not be asked about your orientation and will be left free to let your imagination go wild. There will be no one to judge you. Instead, everyone will show you the best path to enjoy the festival.

Carnival is also the time to know your true desires. The inner artists come out and express deep buried sexual urges. People do not miss the chance to sing, dance, and have pleasure with their mates. The costumes, colors, and glitters on your body have a lot of stories about your fun type and desires. There is a kind of magic in the air of this festival. Attractive makeup also helps you take disguise among the crowd and find the right partner to fulfill your hidden urges.

Use the opportunity to best to appreciate good food, beauty, life, and lustful pleasures. You can choose whatever you wish for. No one will ever judge you for your decisions. The locals remain ever helpful to you by handing you the exact things you want. However, there are also a few numbers of chilled-out people who do not like to get inside the jumping and thumping crowd. If you feel to remain outside the lines, you can grab a corner on your balcony or get a seat in the VIP area comfortably watching the parades and appreciating the art & culture of the place.