6 Sex Facts Often Ignored

The feeling of attraction or desire is common when someone starts liking other people. They try to connect because of some of the natural instincts humans have inherited. As per scientific studies, the brain indulges in every job of the body giving out an adrenaline rush due to moments of pleasure, passion, attraction, and sexual play. No one can deny that enjoying a satisfying sex life remains at the top of their wish list. They desire to have a good time and enjoy intense orgasms.

You will never bother about your age or physical condition if you get a chance to experience a lusty time that ably drenches your sexual hunger. But to be honest, if you think it is easy to get sex anywhere, then you are doing a mistake. You might have heard and read about taboos, myths, and clichés related to sex. But there are always a few secrets that lead to this. The explicit conversations are mostly ignored and often mistaken. Here is some info about this.

Sex Talks

Sex talks are often neglected but to ignite the sexual hunger in somebody they are quite important. Humans have successfully overcome the years of shame, taboos, and prejudices that disowned the discussion on sexual matters. But society has evolved. Starting an open dialogue about sex and sexuality is no more a barrier. From books to social media platforms, there are a lot of letters that are good for self-knowledge, awareness about pleasure, health, and apparently overall well-being.

Without going further about taboos, one can seriously reflect on the sexuality of people which eventually helps them in many ways. Encouraging sex talks among couples, partners, friends, etc., helps in exploring sex better. Better knowledge assists to feel more pleasure, connecting better with partners, and even helping you have multiple numbers of orgasms. The process will further help in revealing the explored secrets about sex. To have a more fulfilling sex life, it is good to talk to your partner. Consequently, you will remain happy and enjoy better sex.


Falling prey to discomfort while discussing or telling about your sexual urges to your partner is common, but it should not be. No one is a mind reader. One has to acknowledge what the other wants to convey. Asking your beloved about their likes, dislikes, fantasies, positions, postures, etc., will definitely help in killing the discomfort. People often feel embraced to tell about their sexual preferences and as a result, suffer from dissatisfaction. Knowing about the intimate decisions of your partner will even help you to change mindsets and behaviors out of the bed.

It is crucial to understand sexual secrets to minimize discomfort. Although, most people have a bit of self-knowledge. But when you try the same with some other person, the results may not match. So, apply a little push, get some courage and tell about your preferences. There are many people who do not acknowledge the normalcy of sex. They feel uncomfortable telling, discussing, or conveying their discomfort. But this act ultimately affects them.

Right Frequency Of Sex

The frequency of having sex differs from person to person. Many people like to have sex every now whereas others like to anticipate their partners for weeks and then go for a prolonged sex period. There is no predetermined numbers or season for mating. Not all people desire the same frequency of sex. Different sex dynamics and appetites are liked by different people. The number of sex sessions cannot be the same for all couples in the world. However, the only thing to focus on is the rhythm that works well for you both.

Acknowledge Sex Can Be Messy

Most people think men are the one who remains hungry for sex. But they forget to acknowledge, it is a mutual act. Individuals forget to focus on women too. They desire and love to have sex. The urge for pleasure is equal on both sides. Sometimes the fire is more seen from a woman than a man. So, stop gendering sex. Women like making sheets messy. The noises, sneezes, and laughter all the way are way too much preferred by them.

Staining sheets and couches with dirt and sweat and alluring the act with moans makes you more passionate. Hence things get messy. There is no strict or loose pattern of how can you enjoy the most. Couples try a lot of things like sex toys, a third wheel, envy, and various other elements to make the journey fruitful. “Trial and error” is the only way to enjoy your pleasure drive. There is another level of charm when you try something unexpected.

Sex Without Orgasms Exist

You might not agree with the headline but this is a fact. Cuddles, kisses, and sex talks are no less than having good sex. When you tell your partner about their intimate habits, smile & laugh at their touches, feel erotic on their touches, etc., the pleasure binds you in a new relationship. Not all orgasms are explosive and loud. To stimulate the passion for each other, you need to create the moment that takes you on a happy and fulfilling sex journey. Penetration is not all eve time, but smooching & offering a sense of love becomes more crucial.

Sex Isn’t Scripted

Porns are seen and enjoyed by many helping in stimulating self-pleasure. But what you must know is sex is not a show. The scenes shown in the films are scripted to attract more viewers and audiences. But in your personal life, this is not the case. People often try to imitate what they might have seen on the screens, but pleasure game is something different. So be clear with your partner. Try to understand what they want to tell you and work accordingly to get back the same treatment.