Pornemia: The Sexual Drought

You can’t only blame the global pandemic; humans have changed their behavior of getting sex due to various reasons. Adult apps like Oklute and others have derived the fact using the latest technologies. People don’t meet or have relationships in traditional ways. It seems getting physical with someone has become far more difficult than ever. And that might be the core reason, people are looking for online answers to release their sexual urges. But is this the only reason? Pornemia can explain this situation.

After the global pandemic, the world has observed a drastic change in everything. Reduced mobility, less experience in confinement, and the effects have not even spared the sex performers. In recent times, people are more attracted to “down-home” style porn films than regular professional ones. And that is where pornemia comes into existence. It is the graphic lack of giving way to search for sexual pleasure. And that is the cause, people are on social media, TV shows, and erotic chat rooms searching for sex.

New Experience


You might have seen in your personal life that you care more about the customer experience you receive from a store, outlet, etc. It doesn’t matter whether you buy anything or not but you urge for that experience. The same is wanted in sexual websites and portals. Your search for smell, touch, sensation, thoughts, sweats, and other fantasies. People look for a complete experience at all levels, no matter if it is even worthy or not.

The pandemic has seen a lot of crises, from monetary to others. And the same goes for sexual experience. The long periods of quarantine, isolation, and no physical contact had grown different agitation in people’s minds. People were all the way looking for newer ways to satisfy their sexual desires and so they tried it all; meet-ups, filming adult tapes, having a crazy night with strangers, going for happy ending experiences, and every other possible thing.

Pandemic Of Sex?

When did you have your last sexual intercourse? You might have thought the same a lot of times and thought of a new way to satisfy. And this situation might be called pornemia. It sums up the words porn and pandemic proving something similar. When people are in isolation or do not meet anyone seeks other objects or scenarios to keep themselves busy. Pornemia is something same where you fulfill your sex drive using cucumbers, music, shower jets, and even toothbrushes.

There is no harm in being creative to attain their sexual desire but going out of thought about how to do that can create problems. During the lockdown period, the sale of sex toys like penis rings, dotted vibrators, etc., online increased because of the same. There is even stuff that can be controlled through online apps. It means someone else will have the remote to vibrate your genitals. The video calls changed from friends and families to distant people who desired sex all the way.


COVID-19 made things tough to tougher every day. Even after the pandemic is over, people cannot find like-minded people to unleash their thoughts, passion, and fancies. But portals like Oklute have helped people a lot. They have at least tried to make things easier. But if you have failed to do this, you have unlikely entered the season of Pornemia. This means, whether you were forced or not, you have suffered pornemia. Sexual encounters have got rarer and pushed everyone to some other dimension.

Individuals who could not live with their spouses or partners suffered from the problem. They always dreamt of sexual intercourse and had to use different means to satisfy their physical hunger. Imagination and creativity asked them to use extra effort and take the path of doing it themselves or simply called “DIY”. During their period of staying at home, they used whatever was within reach and available delivery for their sexual needs. You too must have tried a lot of things going through the same urge.

Substitutes Of Sex

The lack of experiencing physical sex can be better termed as pornemia. This situation led to a steep increase in desire and the search for satisfaction from all means. People were found more and more curious about things that they have never thought of. One can refer to it as ‘dirty thinking, but this happened to many individuals that resulted in the over-sexualization of a number of household products. They tired combs, melons, sponges with applied lubricants, etc., to outreach their sexual urge.

Individuals looked for social network accounts that produced sexual content, searched for sex toys online, read erotic stories, joined hot forums, did sexting, watched videos showing amateur porn videos, etc. But nonetheless, it gave them an opportunity to explore their sexuality to the fullest; discover new fetishes and fantasies, and enjoy them. Imaginations should not be bound to a limit. One can use it for anything and everything. Do not stop imagining and traverse your sex drive.

Pornemia is not always bad. Your wild fantasies come to reality when you fail to experience your favorite thing for a long time. Look for the bright sides of pornemia; it helps you have multiple orgasms. The process cuts down stress, anxiety, and routine monotonous life and hands you the advantages of the situation. Without thinking of anyone else, you spend more time with yourself and attend to your own likes and dislikes. You also get successful in bringing out your natural and true self.