Geisha Balls: A Detailed Study

Fantasy and sex have a definite relation. Erotic toys like penis rings and vibrators have always been in the hype. But the emergence of the global pandemic asked people to step forward one more mile. The items make look bizarre or unorthodox but the pleasure they provide is unmatchable. Just like Geisha balls. These Chinese balls enhance sexual pleasure and are also famous in the name of pleasure balls. You can have pure satisfaction all the way. The marble-sized balls are hollow but offer immense pleasure.

You might have seen them in TV commercials where someone wears these balls while going for a walk, in the office, or somewhere else giving away the remote control to someone else. When the remote is devised people with pleasure balls in their genitals undergo a steep sensation. Couples, friends, relatives, and others can use this quite conveniently. These balls operate remotely working as vibrators. People can use the Venus balls as per their preference to amuse themselves by handing the remote control to someone else.

Geisha Balls

Geisha Balls are a chain of small marble-sized balls linked with a special kind of thread. At the first glance, it might look very simple with a variant of diameters and materials according to some definite model. Generally, the series has two balls also called “Ben Wa” balls. ‘Geisha’ Japanese means a girl or woman who sings, dances, or plays samisen, a musical instrument. They used to tighten their vagina to glorify their maidenhood and in the process incorporated the applications of these love balls.

Which One Is The Right For You

The love balls are quite easy to use, but one must know the actual way to use them conveniently. While purchasing them, keep in mind the right size. Just like, when you choose a menstrual cup, you must consider if you had natural childbirth. In the same way, your genital musculature is crucial to consider when you are buying Venus balls. The small-sized balls have a diameter of 3 cm, which is more or less equal to the size of two fingers.

The next thing is the weight of the balls. These pleasure balls are naturally 30 to 80 grams which seem to be very light but can take a serious toll on your vaginal walls. The pelvic floor muscles of a person are a real reason to consider when they use Geisha Balls. If you are trying them for the first time, it is better to start with the lightest ones. In the old days, ladies used metallic balls which used to be quite heavy compared to modern ceramic balls.

Build Material
This brings us to another parameter to consider, i.e. the built material. Geisha balls, which are mostly used by people all over the world, are of ceramic. But silicon is another material used to prepare these love balls. Many women even love this texture as it is non-porous, easy to clean, and offers a pleasant touch. When it comes in contact with a sensitive part like the vagina, the temperature also comes into play as an exciting factor.

After use, it is crucial how you store these love balls. Since these balls had been to a sensitive part of the body and will revisit the place once again in near future, they should be stored carefully. One must follow precautions to avoid infections affecting the vagina. As per recommendations, you must only use the balls for the vagina without placing them anywhere else on the body. For the back door, there are different products. You should not try in your anus, strictly.

Lubricants make the way for the Geisha Balls easier. During insertion, lubricating the balls make the way less painful and more pleasureful. People also use saliva or water, but a specific easing gel is much better than those. They are not so advisable. However, individuals have come across famous movies and videos where ladies use their saliva to lubricate their balls. But your mouth may have bacteria that may spoil your future pleasure hunts. Always maintain hygiene when you are trying something new.

Other Benefits

One may ask if there are vibrators, dildos, and other fascinating things to pleasure a woman, why use Geisha Balls? Commonly, these balls have a few more benefits that can be numbered below.

  • They increase lubrication.
  • They help in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.
  • They assist in increasing pressure during penetration and maximize sensitivity accordingly.
  • Urine leakages are also checked while using these balls, preventing them in present or future circumstances.
  • They cope better with menopause problems.

Other than that, Geisha Balls are not like other erotic toys that intensify orgasms directly. They are possibly used during kegel exercises. The exercises improve the strength of the pelvic floor muscles surrounding the genitals. People are often found using love balls give the reason which help in holding unwanted urination. And most importantly, while having sex, they provide more pleasure making the intercourse more fruitful. It is, therefore important to use the Geisha Balls at various times.

According to studies by experts, it is advised that you must use the marble-sized balls during pregnancy, sickness, or any other type of surgery. In other conditions, it is ok to use them. People should never forget to use them correctly. Once they are placed they should chronologically move to function correctly. You can also consult experts and professionals if you are going to use the balls for the first time. The joy of having two spherical objects in between your vaginal walls is immeasurable. So it is evident to use them correctly.