How to Enjoy Pet Play: A Comprehensive Study

People with an extravagant taste for sex always try to experience something new and exciting. Whether it is role play or employing new sex toys under the sheets, they aim to make the encounter new every single time. People with diverse natures, moods, and tastes prefer a different approach each time they mate with their companions. This blog will discuss one of the latest trends that mix role play, BDSM, doggy style, and other styles to enjoy the game of flesh which is better called Pet Play.

The term “Pet Play” leaves every participant alluring in the high of smoking sex. The sadomasochistic culture allows one of the partners in the action to dress or be assumed like a pet animal either with four feet or with a collar and enjoy the lusty actions. The other partner acts as the master of that “pet” and remains the dominatrix in the action. Dog products, premium accessories for the bed’s activity, and all other equipment are employed in the exercise to remain energized even for the next action.

The internet is full of ideas that provide sex alluring people with new ideas every day. Partners like to dress up like a puppy or feline before getting into intercourse to arouse their partner in a new way. When they have a collar it gives the other companion a stage to dominate which the first one loves all the way. Pet Play lets you play the submission and dominate game following the path of BDSM. Here are a few more insights to help you understand Pet Play better.

What Is Pet Play

Pet Play is basically a sexual game or you can call it a fetish activity where one of the companions acts as a pet animal of the other. It is one of the many games played by BDSM fans. The fetish power of domination and submission is what everyone practices here. Couples of any gender, orientation, and taste can play this game. People with an emotional bond as well as professional relationships can indulge in the act to enjoy a blissful encounter.

The game can be erotic or sexual and even not; the mood rests all on the couples practicing it. If you prefer a special role play that teases one and asks to mate with the other, this playful intercourse is definitely for you. Going deeper, the pet person behaves as a puppy, bitch, or a grown-up animal that can be a dog, cat, or horse, and submits themselves to their partner. Likewise, the dominator behaves as a trainer or owner of the pet and orders it to do as they say.

If you are acting as a dominator, you find a slot of data that can help you do the role. You just have to behave as a trainer who is attending, training, or educating your pet. Although the practice is quite old and fascinating, many people find it new and hesitate to practice. As per experts, you can easily do the act with the consent of your partner and a whole new thing. Just go through some of the online materials to help you and bring in sassy encounters to your practice.

Dos & Don’ts of Pet Play

When you are looking for sexual games, you will find people participating in the commonest practices like 69, doggy style, and others. The games may have different intensities and approaches. But in Pet Play you can employ a range of things to caress your partner. You can add kisses and licks to punishments, spanking, and humiliation. One does not have to be as accurate as other feats, but one can use a lot of fun, excitement, and a sense of discovery in the whole action making the experience different.

If you feel shy or face obstacles in the middle, you must sort it out with better communication. Limits and desires need to be bound into a barrier only in the public. If you are in comfort that no one is around you, you can cross the limits of ecstasy. Theme play is quite an in fashion and you can use it in your copulation periods too. Using a fancy leash, themed bars, etc. will also add more excitement to the action. A new themed BDSM is all you need when you are trying to raise your sexual appetite.

A Pet Play Encounter

Whenever you are looking to involve in something new, first take the consent of your partner. Discuss with them what you really want and how the process will forward. Do a mutual homework to know all the tidbits of the exercise. Bring in collars, chains, gigs, and whips to make the party livelier. If you are the one who is submitting, then walk on four feet. Use a befitting mask that makes you look more natural. Make sounds of the character you are playing and obey your master’s orders.

Pet Play allows many people to surface their inner instincts making the encounter enjoyable. There is no judging, no shaming, and no feeling bad. The act helps the submissive participant to bring out the animal instincts they have in them. The fantasies and fetishes come to life and you enjoy a blissful time with your partner. When you remain busy in your daily social lives, Pet Play gives you new energy to deal with your problems in the future. Many even practice the same with temporary partners to boost their pleasure meetings.

Types of Pet Play You Can Practice

Puppy Play

Puppy Play is a cute way of exercising pet play. The practice includes chasing, pouncing, barking, growling, and biting. The one, who is the trainer, takes care of the puppy, helps them to piss and ultimately goes for mating.

Dog Play

Unlike Puppy Play, in Dog play, the animal is mature. It knows how to satisfy its master or mistress. They mostly do not require a trainer but just an attendee who cares for them all the way. However, they can be punished for misbehaving and having fun.

Kitten Play

Kittens are smaller than Dogs and have a different attitude, so Kitten Play will inherit staring, growling, and caressing. Just like Puppy Play, it will require mentoring on how to eat and how to have sex with its master.

Piggy Play

Piggy Play involves a pig character smeared in mud or a dirty environment. they require proper cleansing and a sexy matting session that keeps them obedient. Punishments in the action will also work to make the encounter interesting.

Pony Play

Here, the one who is a pony can be taller and have nice hair. The pet person can have hooves, saddles, and other necessary equipment for a great time. The master can behave as a cowboy with lots of sassy attitudes.