How to Please Men?

The fight over “what is more complicated, convincing a man or a woman” is eternal. People will come and go but the solutions and opinions will change with the pace of time. For many people, it is a bit clearer how to get to a woman as many talks about it and provide a handful of advice. But often people ignore the consent of men. Males find them and their views are taken for granted. So, should you try straight or try something else? Male satisfaction is a mystery.

Gender equality has brought humans a long way. Everyone talks about equal pay, equal respect, same status, etc., but they forget about individual consent. However, the question aims for a bigger agenda. Use your concise to please men. People praise their ego, manhood, beard, strength, etc., but overlook their tender side. Beer, friends, video games, and others are important but to go to their satisfaction you may have to go that extra mile. Soccer games and car races may not give them what you are trying to reach. You can use these tips for your help.

Reach Their Mentality

Men like to exaggerate. This is because they fear losing their partners or beloveds. The New Year parties, birthdays of special people, and accomplishments bring them new opportunities. If you are beside them, let them advance and grow. They desire to do better. This helps them feel fulfilled and pleased. This is the time you can try them to satisfy if you are a lover, partner, or well-wisher. Try learning their goals and achievements that give them the feeling of accomplishment.

It is crucial to how well you are trying to reach their urges. Remember one thing, not all men are the same. Tastes, moods, likes, and flavors vary from man to man. Try reading books and theories, watching informative videos, and discussing with your partner their extreme desires. Try identifying that exact path to please them. Once you get to know, things will become easier for you and more satisfying for your male partner. Whether you desire to make them happy for one night or several more, be right on the money.

Acknowledge Their Desire

Do you think it is impossible what you are trying to achieve? Don’t worry, get help from the online expert Oklute. Males use their brains more than their bodies and sometimes vice versa. Hence, you need to be accurate. Making them happy is a mountain size task, but if you know the path things can be much easier than you expect. It doesn’t matter if you are their friend or a sex partner, you can try the following to make them feel easy and wanted.

Take the First Initiative

In videos, movies, TV shows, and all other places, you might have seen boys or men taking the first initiative to approach a girl of their partners. But think otherwise. Men like the idea too that their partners take the first initiative to please them or tell them what they have in their minds. They want to feel desired and wanted every now and then. You can try seducing them in public with your wits and get them on the bed as soon as you are home.

Get to the male satisfaction by giving in to the idea of foreplay and getting into it. Be more intimate under the sheets and make them crave your body. Be more confident as it will help you break the ice and get closer. Spice up your comments and moves to provoke them. Drive them crazy with your seductive talks and desire to mingle with them. Use jokes, and create a bit of friction but don’t take it too far. You will never like things going in an unwanted way. Try, test, and approach, what want to do.

Communicate With Them

Communication is the basic step one should start from. Commence by asking about their likes, hobbies, love for their accomplishments, what makes them happy, and other things you find important. A liking for video games is quite common in men. You can even start from there. New gadgets, techs, smartphones, and other objects tend to attract them too much. Give them situations and wait for the answers and later add spice to them with some condition. The result may even amaze you. So, communication can get you to the right nerve.

Explore More Horizons During Sex

Spooning and doggy style are pretty common these days. Why don’t you try something else like the 69 position? Guys like it more than anything when their partner urges them for a special position. Fetishes and fantasies have a special room in men’s minds. Try exploring that during the talks before foreplays. You can bring in a sex toy like penis rings, vibrators, handcuffs, etc., to bring in the extra verge missing in your sex life. There are thousands of options and ways for you. Don’t be specific, try them all.

Create a space of trust between both of you. Talk about issues, events, and upcoming decisions you might take together. Both of you must clarify to each other what you actually want and what you don’t. When you have cleared things earlier, it will pave a better way to satisfaction. Ensure you both have pleasure during the action. Do not pretend when you feel uncomfortable or displeased. Convey your thoughts directly so that you both can satisfy each other. Read some erotic books to help you out when required.