Altocalciphilia: Sexual Fantasy for High-Heel Shoes

Males are more likely to engage in sexual arousal than females. A sexual fetish is essential for healthy sex life. It’s excitement in response to inanimate objects, situations around, clothing, and body parts. Altocalciphilia is one such obsession in men for sky-high heels, shoes, and footwear, and the women and the people who enjoy the kink are called Altocalciphiles. Many people experience next-level pleasure after touching shoes or women’s feet. They find it soothing, and there is nothing wrong with having sexual urges or fantasies in life.

The interest in feet or shoes as sexual objects has risen during gonorrhea and syphilis epidemics. Many people started to experience the fetish during the AIDS epidemic in the late 20th century. Altocalciphilia is a great way to feel pleasure after seeing a woman in sandals or footwear. Open communication with your partner is all you need to satisfy your sexual urges and preferences. Plus, there is a great need for patience and mutual consent to try something interesting in love life. Unfulfillment of sensual desires can lead to sadness, anger, stress, and guilt.

Men Having The Fantasy For High-Heels Fall In Love With:

  1. Design and color of the shoes, heels, sandals, footwear.
  2. The feet wearing high-heels.
  3. The material used in the making of shoes.
  4. The smell of the footwear.
  5. Change in the movement of girls’ buttocks after wearing platforms, pumps, and stilettos.
  6. Sound of the shoes when hitting the flat surface like floor or tiles.

High-heels enhance a woman’s personality, confidence, and looks. Women in high shoes are more attractive than the ones wearing flat footwear. Some females prefer boots or other heightened sandals for intersexual interactions. Many people like a female’s over-arched back and the appearance of her breasts after wearing the high-heels. Things that men notice about women include facial features, eyes, breasts, posture, smile, hair, fragrance, voice, makeup, sense of humor, conversant skills, and footwear. Altocalciphilia depends on person-to-person. Male partners like their other partners to wear high-heels on the bed or during sexual intercourse. It increases their sexual desires, and they perform better during lovemaking.

Fetishes for Arousal and Satisfaction

Women wearing high-heels receive more attention quickly than the ones wearing flat footwear. The shoes break the optical illusion and are more soothing for the eyes. They represent nobility, status, choice, and class. A female looks sexy in boots as they lift their buttocks and create a back-arched position. Altocalciphiles love to watch the movement of the hips and take pleasure out of it. They want to feel the excitement in erogenous zones in the body such as the chest, lower abdomen, waist, scrotum, penis, inner thighs, wrist, and legs. The human body prepares for a memorable sexual encounter after the arousal. Men can also ask their female partners to bring a pair of shoes to satisfy their cravings for the high-heels.

A woman’s sexual response and anatomy are different from a man’s, and she takes to reach orgasm and experience pleasure. A man develops a sexual fetish through his experiences, and a link between the mind and the body leads to higher arousal. Individuals experience unusual sexual interests known as “paraphilia” including, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Transvestism, sexual sadism, and urophilia. Other desires that men develop include Scatophilia, Pedophilia, Zoophilia, and Hebephilia. Men are more likely to experience paraphilia than women. People having sensual fantasies experience lower anxiety, stress, sadness, and dissatisfaction. Fulfillment of a hidden urge can reignite the flame of love and sex in a romantic relationship.

Males correlate high-heels, such as stilettos and boots with sexual desires or imaginations. Some like the smell or touch of the feet or footwear during masturbation, while others like their partners to wear high-heels during sexual intercourse. The sky-high shoes represent dominance, high status, power, and Altocalciphilia gets men going. Some people develop foot fetishism where they get aroused with their partners’ feet, toes, ankles, legs, stockings, and socks. They also trigger sensual responses and use the shoes or feet for sexual gratification. Couples need to get comfortable with each other before trying a new fantasy. They need to experience plateau, orgasm, excitement, and resolution for a better sexual response.

How Can Altocalciphiles Approach Their Partners For Pleasure?

  • It’s important to establish open communication about the unique fantasy involving high-heels. You can ask your partner to wear your favorite shoes or feel the heels on body parts for extra pleasure.
  • All men don’t achieve orgasm through sex only. Some feel the pleasure of watching their partners dressed in a hot dress with high-heels. They like to interact with their lovers and experience satisfaction and relaxation. You can also ask your wife or girlfriend to wear the footwear of your choice for the date night or candle-light dinner.
  • Individuals having foot fetishes can ask their partners to wear high boots like the ones worn by actresses in pornographic videos or movies.

High-heels are an essential part of the wardrobe for every woman, and people with Altocalciphilia can explore different levels of sensuality after touching or licking them. Fantasies come in many forms for couples, and it’s interesting to fulfill them for a better sexual and romantic life.