Why Greek Kiss is So Pleasurable for Couples?

Kisses are one of the best ways to establish an emotional and physical connection with your partner. They stimulate the pleasing sensations throughout the mind and the body and keep the spark alive in a relationship. Kissing helps in reducing stress and boosting trust. There are different types of kisses and methods to perform them. One such technique is the Greek Kiss, also called black kissing. It involves kissing and licking your partner’s anal region or anus with the mouth to provide extra pleasure. Greek kissing was first performed in Ancient Greece and became famous worldwide. A partner uses mouth, tongue, or lips to caress the anus before a wild sexual encounter in this sexual practice.

The sexual technique was performed only by men during orgy to lubricate and stimulate the anal region for deep penetration. Later, it became popular among males, females, heterosexual and homosexual couples. Pleasure is essential for men and women to enjoy life. Females can also perform it to enhance sensations in their partner’s bodies. The anus is one of the erogenous zones in the body with many nerve endings and helps achieve orgasm in incredible ways. The skin around the body part is sensitive to irritation, pain, itching, and other sensations. So, it needs extra caress to enjoy pleasurable oral sex. Individuals need to take care of the hair in the region before performing sexual activity. It’s better to trim or shave the hairs before starting the practice.

How to Perform Greek Kiss Effectively for a Mind-Blowing Experience?

  • The most important thing that couples should consider is talking to each other before getting into the act. Mutual consent is essential before you try any fantasy, position, or technique in sexual life. The person receiving the pleasure should lie down on a flat surface with the belly down, and another partner should position themselves behind to penetrate the anal region.
  • Proper hygiene and care are essential during sexual practices. So, it’s better to clean the anal region with hot water. A person receiving the pleasure can shower before performing the Black Kissing and ensure that the anus is free from fecal particles. It can transmit sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like genital herpes, syphilis, or Human papillomavirus infection (HPV). Try to wash the body part with neutral soap and gently rub it with the fingers.
  • Couples can also use flavored condoms to enhance the pleasure during Black kissing. Many condoms are available in the market suitable for licking after placing on the anus area. A tongue barrier can prevent the stool remains from entering the mouth. It will make the experience more enjoyable for the partner who will be stroking or kissing the anus. It’s better to adopt safe practices to improve sexual health.
  • Using hands and fingers other than the tongue, mouth, or lips can be an incredible experience during sexual activity. A partner can caress another partner’s buttocks using the hands and slide fingers slowly around the anal region. Try to gain complete access to the anal area with fingers or stimulate other erogenous zones like the scrotum, nipples, chest, vagina, and perineum. You can add more pleasure by making vertical and horizontal movements around the buttocks with the tongue.

Getting Maximum Satisfaction Out of the Greek Kiss

The anus region has many nerve endings, and touching it causes a sensation in the whole body. Greek Kiss stimulates and lubricates the area and excites the receiver like anything. It does not lead to a sexual encounter. It aims at giving and receiving pleasure between couples. You can restrict yourself with the oral sex involving the penis and vagina and experience high satisfaction, relaxation, and happiness. Several positions to enjoy the sexual practice include standing, lying face down, and four legs. Choose the best according to the comfort level to enjoy the moment to the full. Black kissing is suitable for companions who love to experiment and lift their moods. Couples should remove the doubts and eliminate the taboos and prejudices before practicing. Open and fair communication always works in a romantic relationship to trying something new and exciting for pleasure.

Benefits of the Greek Kiss:

  1. It can be beneficial in breaking the monotony of doing regular oral sex.
  2. It allows a partner to feel the excitement and sensation of using their lips, tongue, and mouth.
  3. Couples can quickly arouse each other physically and mentally for a passionate sex session.
  4. It helps companions develop a better understanding, physical intimacy, trust, and communication without verbal connection.
  5. It can help individuals achieve multiple orgasms and reduce the stress, depression, and anxiety to have a happy married life.

Couples should always find ways to make their love lives interesting. There is always a scope for improvement in a relationship. They need to understand love language that includes words of affirmation, physical touches, acts of service, spending quality time together, and giving and receiving gifts. But, don’t forget to enhance sexual pleasure by practicing Greek Kiss.