Why Fake Profiles are not Working in Oklute?

Oklute is a global adult classified portal, allowing its users to promote their ads in several countries, unless they are not a fake publication. In common with the global popularity and the growing number of users, Oklute is no longer immune to the deceivers, eager to create the mess.

But Oklute is committed to safeguarding its users’ interest, by providing the utmost protection against any kind of illicit activities. Consequently, we keep upgrading our safety mechanism, and also guide the users to stay away from the deceivers.

If you are a constant user of Oklute and you are facing any of the following situations, reach out to our experts—they will take appropriate actions.

Contact us if:

  • Someone has created an ad using your photos on Oklute
  • You have created an ad post, but someone has removed your photos
  • Or, you have created you ads with full details, but an unidentified person is trying to steal your identity.

Oklute Team Looks into the Fake Profiles

We have a team of dedicated professionals who are exclusively tasked to supervise the new ads being published on Oklute every day. They are liable to ensure the details and photographs are all correct, and also ensure that no prohibited material is being published.

We also have a robust communication channel to add to our efficiency. You can use our communication channel to seek an instant support for all types of issues you are facing with the website.

We recommend analyzing the issue to take on a proper activity. If it is about a fake profile, the first and foremost process is to remove the ad once the reliability of the same has been differentiated—it can be furthered to block a specific email address if required. 

There come some incidents when an unauthorized individual creates an ad in Oklute without your consent. No one knows why such things happen to our users.

We encourage our users to send us the URL of the fake profile, along with the reasons why you want the specific published profile to be removed. You can send us to [email protected].

Once we find your message and we find the said ad has been illegally published on the website, we take it down immediately. 

If you find the same thing happening every so often, let us know—we will move forward to block the email id, being used for fake profiles.

Another condition comes up when an ad has been posted with incorrect information. Or, a user wants either to update the information or to remove some of the details published.

In such conditions, we encourage our users to send us a message to [email protected].

Oklute needs your patience—we are at work round the clock to help you without any delay.

We always ensure that the website remains cleaned and spam-free—so as to help the users leverage the power of Oklute perfectly. We are committed to protecting our users’ security and privacy.

Leave a message with us if you are still unsure about the processes mentioned above. We are also accessible on our social media handles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.