6 Tips to Create Viral Advertisement In Oklute

If you are worried about how to increase your viewers in your post and want to increase audience engagement; this article is for you.

See, we all face challenges especially when we set everything perfect and still blunders happens and you feel in a trap, worrying about how to solve it. Similarly, we understand your tension and confusion regarding how to increase the number of visitors and gaining more calls and attention.

And thus, we are here to guide you on how to make ‘most viewed ads’ in Oklute with few simple steps. Read the article and start exploring the unexpected.

  1. Know who is your viewer?

The first rule of the game is know your subject upon which your entire advertisement, promotion strategy and service is relied on. In Oklute, every subject matter and viewers reading your ads are ‘Men’ so, focus on them only!

  1. Purpose of your customer?

Since men are your target customer, you need to be clear with their purpose and what they are expecting out from you. In a simple term, the men seeing girls at Oklute are the one who is interested in receiving ‘excitement and pleasure’. Thus, your motto of service and ads should highlight a glimpse of you equipped in providing remarkable pleasure and excitement.

  1. Expectations

The utmost reason for any man contacting you and keep you in constant demand are for your charming sensational personality or kinks, exoticness and your pampered lusty body.

Men are in love with these attributes of women that drive them crazy and so, when it comes to mixing these quoted sensational features of yours with a spice of pleasurable act, noting can be best combination than this.

  1. Title of your ad

To help you understand the pattern more, we have decided to share a demonstration with you. A quick advice to you is; try out yourself along with flow of the article and create the best version of your ad.

Get yourself an attractive TITLE where you are describing briefly about yourself, your best skills or what’s the best physical attributes your body has.

Do not publish your ad with a plan text stating your name only. It is a complete turnoff to many people. Allow your men to choose you, to be crazy for spending some time with you. By letting yourself know and by elaborating your sensational skills, you are fetching them indirect attention and hints to choose you over other girls.

For example, instead of writing ‘Shelly 22 years old’ on your Title shooting yourself upfront, try writing something like ‘Shelly, a big booty girl for giving you long lasting happiness’ or ‘Gorgeous and Sensational Shelly with curvy body and lusty mouth.’

  1. Text that hits the perfect! 

Text is something that easily catches eyes and makes people craves for you more. Your caption and text make your personality highlight and glorify your special skills that you want to flaunt. Mark our word, it is really effective.

Talking about text, we are not promoting the dull list of your promotion. We are highlighting the need of text and what better than a story could promote it. Thus, state a story about yourself, your hotness and how can you make him excited and satisfied. Use a soft, seductive tone in your writing. It’s not necessary to sound bold and horny. A hot instigate to have a conversation is sufficient to promote your ad.

Know how? Let’s have an example.

“Hey Loy,

I am Raina, a hot curvy girl from Pune, India…love to meet you….will make love with you such that you would never forget my smell, curves and fluffy booty.

I will touch you like……..strong orgasm……you will want more of me.

Fill me with love and passion…..expert in hand jobs, riding, ….master of sex and pleasure.

I am waiting for your call……naked in wet….. Just for you.”

  1. Reliable Pictures and Contact Information

Remember to put your amazing 10 pictures in your photo gallery flaunting yourself and let your visitor be mad and get excited for having you.

Your contact information such as phone number, WhatsApp, Social media account should be active and accurate such that you can be contacted easily

So, follow these brilliant tips and let us know how your ads are being noticed. We will love to see your comments and suggestions.