Staffs Delete My Ads Often! What’s the Reason Behind It?

People on a frequent basis drop emails and messages inquiring about why their ads are deleted automatically. We understand your feelings and the urge to know the reason behind it. The answer lies with the support department and in this article, we will try to make you understand in the best possible and simple way, hoping to clear all your doubts regarding it.

And in this vulnerable point of yours, if you are thinking that your post are deleted by some colleagues out of envy, aiming your ads with the purpose of cutting you down without mercy, let me assure you that nothing like that is probably the reason for your post being deleted and simply they are obeying the format and regulations of Oklute!

A quick reminder to you; Oklute is a free adult classified announcement website but the word ‘Free’ do not provide you leverage of doing whatever you wish to do and post in Oklute pages. Oklute offers you a platform to publish your advertisement free without costing anything in return. But a thing to focus on is that there is a restriction in publishing or uploading your ads i.e. you can post at least three ads in the Oklute side in a daily basis and not more than it.

People often miss the above details and as we are bow to follow the Oklute rules and regulations. Hence, unfortunately we have to delete the ad from our end.

The simple reason of ‘WHY’ is that if we do not cut down your ads which are counted to be more than 3, then it captures the space of Oklute website which is used to offer space for the users who are the paid customers of us, spending money to enhance their ad visibility.

We are not discriminating you against the one who is paying us. But as a civilized person you also know the value of ‘reaching an extra mile’ and paying us their hard earned money to promote their ads a bit more than you. If we continue supporting your free service, it will be a great injustice towards them and so, adhering to the common rule, we are forced to delete your ad.

Hence, they will be first pampered with and well they deserve it. Isn’t it?

And as per statistics and machine algorithm, a paid ad is seen more often than the normal free ad of almost 150% or more than that. So, there should be no surprise seeing a massive rate of incoming calls and activities in these profiles of Oklute. Hence, you can surely feel the frequency of the calls in their phone numbers and engagement in their WhatsApp.

An advice from our side will be always the same when it comes to bringing success rate is turning your ads as one of the paid ads where you will get 100% chance to get hyped your ads and claiming up seats to increase your ads faster than the rest, while nit letting your ads mixed up in the ad wall with the unpaid one. And remember we will not compromise our seats for the paid users, so if someone exceed rule of free ads of having maximum three ads, we will have to delete your ads as soon as possible.

If you are worried about hiding behind the paid post and is afraid of placing yourself into it, you can leverage your profile and advertisement by boosting your ads from “Climb The Top” option and can make yourself sure that your ads will be displayed in the first page with a combination of calls and lots of engagement in your ads

So don’t be a cheapskate for a few rupees and try promoting your ads and see wonderful feedbacks and result out of it. Don’t wait much and try this feature soon.