7 Avoidable Things Men Should Never Talk About During or After Sex

Unfortunately, many coital relationships go wrong due to some avoidable things. Generally, male partners intent to fill up the post-coital moment with some of your past experiences or some other unnecessary things. This is the moment when men should keep quiet, and just relax and bask in a comfortable and amorous silence. This is the moment; you need to avoid revealing your stories.

Here, this post brings you a list of important things that you should never reveal during or after your sex. Note that the list is endless with many things, but we have compiled some of the most common things that you should never ignore.

Don’t Talk about an Ex-Girlfriend:

This is one of the worst things men usually talk about while having sex with their partner. There is no need to bring your past, especially when you are satisfying your sexual desires. No one likes comparison. You should stop comparing your companion with your ex-girlfriend—it may lead to some unfortunate events.

I am Sorry:

No matter how bad your performance in bed was, you should never apologize for the same. Being apologetic for your sexual performance may dent your image and you may possibly not be able to improve your performance in days to come.

Instead, you need to explore some artistic ways to improve your experience. Professional escorts are much more experienced in giving you the experiences you are looking for. Nothing is permanent, so you may get some better experiences another day.

“I generally don’t…”

Sometimes, men end up using this phrase to talk about their stamina or about some erotic services. It doesn’t matter whether you generally indulge in some sorts of sex acts or you don’t like to enjoy the same, you need to stop there. Keep everything away that can cause inconveniences to your sexual experiences.

Enjoy every moment with your partner in such a way that you would not find it again. You must have some hidden fantasies; let them come out to please your sexual desires.

Play by Play Description

Don’t describe every sex step—you must remember that the girls do love dirty talk, but narrating every bit of the session may not help you anymore. So, stop describing everything related to the sex acts.

You Could Have Lasted Longer:

This is another thing that you should avoid at all. Don’t let your partner feel that she/she doesn’t last longer. It will create pressure in your relationship.

This Was Not What I Expected:

Again, you should stop using such phrases, no matter how bad the sex session was. Try to make the session more interesting and enjoyable.

We would go for it without a condom:

Everyone loves protected sex. Don’t tell that you want to go for a sex session without a condom. Many women hesitate to engage in an unprotected sexual intercourse. You should always follow the protective measures to ensure you have had a great experience with all the protective measures required.

So, these are some common things many people usually talk about during or after sex. Keep these things in mind before you start enjoying your sexual desires.