Want to Make Your Ad Most Viewed One on Oklute – Follow These Steps

If you are still waiting for more people visiting your profile on Oklute, you need to check whether your ad is perfectly created or not. If you aim at increasing the number of people viewing your ads, this blog post is for you.

Look into these simple steps and get the understanding of important things you should necessarily follow while creating your ads.

So, let’s talk about some basic things. You need to find answers to three basic questions:

Question 1:

Who are Your Target Customers?

Ans: Men

Question 2:

What Do Your Target Customers Want to Get from You?

Ans: Sexual Satisfaction through Intense Encounter

Question 3:

What They Expect from You?

Ans: Something unique or your physical attractions that stimulate their erotic senses.

So, these are some important things you need to know before you start attracting your audiences on Oklute.

Highlight Your Best Erotic Skills and Physical Attractions:

Providing simple intro in your profile may push your advertisement back. You need to talk about something that might attract your target customers.

So, you should never make your profile ordinary like this:

Annie, 22 years old, … it may lead to ineffective advertisement. Instead of this, you should start introducing yourself as:

Annie, hot and sexy to fulfill your sexual fantasies through intense encounter!

Or you may also add some more erotic phrases like: “Sensual, Fun loving, and explosive with big boobs and rounded butts ready for roleplay.”

So, these are some innovative examples that will surely draw visitors to your profile. A simple and dull listing will not be able to attract your target customers. Just ask a question to yourself: Do you show your interest in the profile that speaks of minimum things? Of course, your answer is no.

Your profile should tell a story about you, elaborating about your physical attractions and everything that can stimulate your customers’ sexual desires. There is no need to hide anything about your profile and services.

While writing yourself, you should choose the vocabulary carefully. Go for the erotic words to talk about your sensual skills. You should always try to excite your customers—whether you are using words, images or anything else.

Mention Your Skills:

Escort services are not limited to the deep penetration only—it includes so many services that can give your customers some great experiences. Men love reading the spicy things full of sexy words. Make sure your profile doesn’t portrait you as a dull and not-so-exciting girl.

Here, we show you some examples to let you learn how you need to create your profile for Oklute:


“Hi Friend,

Looking for someone who can take you through the ultimate sexual pleasure? I am here to give you the experiences you are looking for. Come and enjoy your erotic desires. Play with my soft body, big boobs, and butt. I love sucking penis, taking deep to the throat.

Come and try a date with me, you will enjoy to the fullest. Explore your fantasies like never before. Let me take you through the sea of erotic passion and love through services like blowjob, handjob, deep throat oral sex, anal sex, and many more. I love helping my customers to satisfy their hidden fantasies.

Don’t waste your time any longer—call me today and fix a romantic date with me. I promise, you will never forget this experience.”

Upload Your Best Images:

Now it comes to making your advertisement more erotic and sensual through your advertisement. Oklute allows an advertiser to add 10 hot photos to make your profile more interesting. Make the best use of it to show your erotic side. You can choose to use the photos of your body parts, sensual poses, lips, and other stimulating parts that can draw more customers to your profile.

Don’t forget to provide the latest contact details—make sure your phone number and WhatsApp number is reachable.

Try out these suggestions to make your profile more attractive.