There is No Replica of Oklute – Be Careful!


We are compelled to create this post due to the increasing online frauds happening to our advertisers and customers. This blog post will help you know about the continuing online frauds that may possibly hit our users as well.

Some mysterious individuals may reach out to you representing themselves as an Oklute official with an objective to fetch your credentials or may ask for some money as well. You might come across such incidents that an unendorsed individual may contact you to buy “Coins” or post ads after asking some money.

Since Oklute is a No. 1 website for adult classifieds in the world, we can be an easy target. There are many people with wrong intention who may attempt to scam the people. So, before a vast number of users get affected by the scammers, we need to take some steps.

Here, this blog post explains some steps how you can avoid getting scammed by fake Oklute agent.

We Don’t Meet Any Advertisers Personally:

Oklute India is an online platform which targets its potential customers through online promotional activities. The advertisers choose us based on our popularity. They publish their ads and choose to subscribe to our paid promotions to receive more phone calls.

When contacted to our representatives, they only explain the process how you can post your ads, or how to subscribe to the paid promotional activities. They never ask for any financial details or your credentials. On the other hand, you should never share your credentials with anyone, no matter what he/she claims to be.

So, our authorized representatives will never ask for your personal details, nor will they send any external link for payment. We go all out to bring in transparency at all levels. What you need to do is to transact on the website only.

We encourage our customers to transact in “Coins” as this is the safest process that happens in no time. Before you subscribe to our paid promotions, purchase some “Coins” to start transacting with Oklute.

We don’t interfere between the advertisers and customers; therefore, if someone appears to influence you regarding anything related to Oklute, you should immediately avoid it and report to us for the same.

You should avoid contacting an individual who is trying to connect with you through an unusual point of communication. We have email addresses with our official domain.

If you doubt that an individual is trying to scam you, you should immediately report to us and write us at We will offer you instant help as soon as we receive your message.