Tips To Protect Your Ads from Getting Deleted

We came across some events our advertisers experienced after posting their ads. They reported that they were unable to find their ad. After publishing their profiles successfully, they checked how the ads were working and they found nothing was visible on the website. Honestly speaking, such incidents do frighten when we come to know that some of our advertisers were not able to find out their ads. So, it compelled us to write down a helpful guide to help our users learn how they can protect their ads from getting deleted. There might be so many reasons if it has ever happened to you—it is time to address them. Don’t worry, Oklute takes care of its users and ensures their ads and profiles are safe.

Protect Your Ads from Getting Deleted As Per the Oklute Norms & Regulations

Oklute is an adult classified portal that follows a set of norms and regulations to ensure every adult publication is rightly posted. We take the things seriously and do our best to ensure our publishers don’t face any kind of problems. We don’t hesitate to take an action if an advertisement is found to be unfavorable in view of our privacy policy. We have identified a set of conditions, which we want our clients to follow strictly. You can refer to our terms and condition to the page

Oklute encourages its users to promote the best content with high-quality images and clear descriptions so their possible contacts can easily understand. We expect that the advertisers don’t engage with any unlawful activities by promoting defamatory, pornographic, paedophilic, calumnious, vulgar, obscene or blasphemous content. In such cases, we take action and remove the ads from our database.

Therefore, for an advertisement, it is necessary to follow all the terms and conditions articulated by Oklute.

How Many Ads a User Can Publish?

Oklute is a FREE portal that allows the advertisers to post their ads. Since we have thousands of users coming to the website every day, we put a limitation on the number of ads being published. A user can post up to 3 ads for FREE on a daily basis. If the number exceeds, the extra ads can be removed.

Who to Contact if You Face a Problem?

If you want to talk about any technical problem or other issue you experience while posting your advertisement, you may send your query to You may also ask if you want to make any change to your profile.

On the other side, if you want to report an issue, send your message to You can get answers to your specific or personalized questions regarding ad management. We ensure fast assistance to all types of queries.

You need to provide detailed information so we can take immediate action if required. Send us the following details along with your email:

  • URL of the ad
  • Phone number
  • Reasons of the Issue
  • Points why you are raising your issue
  • E-mail address the ad was created with

Other than these things, we are always available at your disposal to help you if you experience any issue. You may contact us at any point in time through e-mail. You may connect with us through our social networking on Twitter and Instagram.