Cubbing: Age Matters or Not?

Getting attracted to people other than your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend is normal. The likes and dislikes differ from person to person. For instance, everyone fantasizes the movie actors and actresses in their personal lives. The rules prevail when you have a crush on a younger or older being of your acquaintance. Although, this type of relationship is not accepted socially. And this is what people call ‘cubbing’. But having erotic dreams about others cannot be seen as a crime.

As per the latest trend, cubbing is spreading like wildfire. However, thoughts are getting offended when someone finds a lady at least ten years elder than their male partner. The debate is whether this fondness is love, fun, or just sex. A few Hollywood movies have also thrown light on the same topic where a socially established lady makes a young and happening guy her sex toy. Let’s learn the tidbits of cubbing in the following paragraphs.

Age Factor & Cubbing

Relationships leading to the sexual attraction are no surprise in any era. But in contemporary times cubbing is emerging with more prolific colors. A woman indulged with a younger guy sexually is the modern thought. These ladies are especially called cougars who love to get intimate with people of lesser age. ‘Cub’ means a baby animal that everyone likes. Here, seducing is done in the same manner before establishing a sexual relationship. The mature cougars seduce their prey just like small cubs are done and hunt them down sexually.

If you think of choice or preference, there are no such written rules. On a better note, some find this practice beneficial for the older partner and some fall for the young talents. As a fact, in most countries where hookers are searched for occasional pleasure, the most explore category is ‘old and young’. Cubbing brings in fun of mature and immature sexual fantasies. Anyone can have fetishes and cubbing gives you the chance to fulfill that fetish. These sex-loving mature women are easily found in pubs and nightclubs.

Taboo Or Fun

While people go to movies, one can easily observe a man of more age than the woman romancing her. You can call it reverse cubbing. From classics to modern movies, everyone has portrayed chemistry in the best way. The sugar daddies are celebrated for their glamour-hunk personalities. But the debate goes on. People take it as reality and normal when a man builds a relationship with a woman younger than him. However, the reverse situation is seen as taboo.

To justify the first case, many think women mature earlier than men physically and mentally. If the male partner is elder than them, then the thinking comes to an even level. However, experts find the logic questionable. However, cubbing as a reverse equation doesn’t justify everyone’s thoughts. Yet the trend is carried forward by various celebrity weddings where the women are way elder than their male counterparts. The famous on-screen series ‘Sex and the City’ is blamed mostly for forcing this trend to start. But in reality, cubbing prevails for ages.

Natural Or Intentional

People always have questions about others’ perceptions. They do not even miss judging you on your intimate likes and dislikes. Individuals have queries, what can a young man find in a woman of more than his age? Most public figures have confessed how they are harassed by asking questions about age gaps. As per sex experts, younger people might have been looking for protection, experience, or stability when they plan to get hitched by an elder lady. The women, on the other hand, might find the young guys more tender and confident to explore.

In many cases, they are seen disapproving of the word ‘cubbing’. They seriously feel love and attraction should be bound in any age group. Regardless of the fact that they have collaborated because of fun, pure sex, or just companionship, one should not judge them. Mature women and young men must not even care about such opinions. What they should really care about is their own opinion about each other. Human lives are complicated. Finding love and warmth is rare. And if someone is willing to give the same, don’t wait for the rules and regulations.

Enjoyment Is Above All

Whether you are here for an experiment or if you really care about your intimate sensation, it does not matter. Sex and love are the part of enjoyment everyone seeks. Physical satisfaction is ignored by most of all, but the fact is you shouldn’t do that. You must acknowledge your body’s hunger and feed it. Cubbing, cougar, or sugar mommy, nothing comes when you have aimed to enjoy the process. So whatever it tastes like, giving it a try has no harm. Try your best to come across the awkward part and give importance to your choice.

Being happy must be your sole goal. People die for various reasons but never live for what they really want. At least for how many years, you are alive, you must live matching your own expectation, not others. Fulfill your desires, opt for what you want, and own the consequences. Cubbing, sugar, or cougar, no matter what are you up to, you must be dedicated to enjoying every moment of your life. Live your life as you prefer without thinking of taboos, people’s words, or any other complex ideas.