Vaginismus: Causes & Cure

Vaginismus is a women’s disease that can occur at any stage of their life. Women go through a lot of actions and reactions in their whole life. And that results in various disorders in them. Vaginismus is basically linked with anxiety or fear of having sex. It can happen at any age in a woman’s life. Many even state its occurrence is due to some sexual trauma, childbirth, or menopause. Taking help from medical experts is the best way to tackle and get rid of the disorder.

What Is Vaginismus?

As per doctors, the problem of vaginismus is a contraction of vaginal muscles involuntarily. The discomfort can be felt while you are having a sexual penetration or putting on tampons. Most ladies experience pain at the vaginal entrance that sometimes prevents penetration. They discover the uneasiness many times during gynecological examinations too. People even get annoyed by this occurrence as they think it restricts them from having fruitful sex. The harsh part is many even fail to recognize it at its initial stages.

Discovering the discomfort sometimes pushes females to get depressed. A lot of individuals have the concept that feeling pain during the first sexual intercourse is quite acceptable. Biologically, it is experiencing sex for the first time is a moment that builds a lot of tension and nervousness. The rupture of the hymen also boosts this pain. But experiencing the same pain, again and again, is not what you should feel ‘okay’ for. Take necessary steps that help you overcome the problem and help you have more pleasure during the action.

A continuation of the problem instills a lot more problems in ladies. They start feeling inferior and grow discomforted. Many even fear people’s words. They don’t want to get humiliated for not enjoying sex with their partner. Being embarrassed, the damsels often lock themselves away from the world. But for the greater good, you should not do this. Instead, go and see a gynecologist and perform tests as they mention. They will help you identify the problem in all possible ways and the reason behind the pain.

Reasons For Sexual Intercourse Pains

There can be a lot of reasons you are not enjoying sex. But first, you have to ask a few questions to yourself. Do you feel uneasy while indulging in action? Or you don’t get excited during penetration. There are many women, suffering from vaginismus, who want the action to get over soon. The reason is mild to severe pain and discomfort. Such ladies start thinking they can go months without sex just because they are not enjoying it.

Females sometimes quickly come under a lot of pressure. It can be a societal pressure, physical, emotional, or mental. You need to identify the cause. Nowadays, people are quite open-minded and see a specialist doctor whenever they find any physical or mental problem. You can do the same and find out if it is vaginismus. A few times these complications lead to other mental issues. So it is better to see a health specialist whenever you get time. They are the best to help you.

Fear Of Getting Embarrassed

Everyone, whether they are male or female, feels aroused when they think about or undergo sex activities. The same happens with the ladies who are suffering from vaginismus. They have a strong desire for their male partners. They like to approach a male reproductive organ when it’s time. But in the middle, if they start feeling not up to the stuff, they deject from the action. Some even go through traumatic experiences. Hence these women develop an aversion to meeting someone for sensual satisfaction.

Psychological Issues

Being a human, everyone undergoes a lot of journeys which has success, grief, commotion, and other emotion. This leads to various psychological challenges. Many even suffer from problems associated with them. As per experts, women face a lot of things that strike their mindset. The first in this category is anxiety. Ladies hold a lot of perceptions.  During sexual activity, these perceptions act negatively and result in vaginal pain and tension in muscles. The tissues work involuntarily and prevent them to enjoy.

If you have faced a traumatic situation, you will know how painful it becomes to focus on other things after the incident. The body stops itself to indulge in anything physical. The defensive posture forces to lack desire and passion. The inner self resists availing of bodily affection. You start getting depressed and finally hurt yourself.

Lack Of Affection

Sometimes relationships fail to stand strong because of a loss of affection. But more importantly, it stops going near your companion and has a blissful matting session. The next stage will lead to vaginismus. It will pull you back from getting into action. Even the opposite partners sometimes become the reason behind the pain. When they start being impatient to finish the action quickly, ladies grow this uneasiness. As a remedy, you can give importance to foreplay sessions which will grow stimulation before going for penetration.

Family History & Trauma

Many individuals neglect their family history of disorders and infections. It may be the case, you are very passionate about your pleasure but your genes are hindering in between. You are helpless at this point. The only way to correct it is to go to a doctor. The family history also includes an environment of restriction, repression, and overprotective upbringing. In such cases, women fall victim to trauma. If you have been in situations that say ‘sex is forbidden or bad’ you will suffer from the disorder of vaginismus.

Physical Problems

You can’t even ignore the presence of physical problems. Ladies, basically, while suffering from the uneasiness of menopause, endometriosis, vaginal infections, myomas, intestinal diseases, or ovarian cysts resist matting. Not only mental but physical well-being is also required to enjoy a fruitful sex period. Many ladies even undergo some fractures and injury that prevents them to have sex. The worst case is an injury in the pelvic area which is extremely painful and will not let you have something amazing.

But, Vaginismus Is Responsive To Treatments!

Don’t worry if you are really facing the problems of vaginismus. It can be cured through expert analysis, care, and a lot of love. To overcome the symptoms of this irritating disorder, you have to work with gynecologists, physical therapists, and psychologists simultaneously. Under their supervision, ladies can overpower the problems. They will tell you to have a perfect diet, and perform kegel and pomp exercises regularly. The health benefactors also suggest using dilators, vibrators, and even finger stimulation as a cure.

Vaginismus is a common problem and can happen to any woman. So don’t worry. You should not get ashamed of what people think about you. There are medications and recommendations that will help you come of every type of trauma and problem. All over the world, women are overcoming the problem, and the success rates are motivating. Don’t lament and see a doctor if you are suffering from the same.