Is It Fair to Have “Sex Between Friends”?

As everyone is forwarding towards a better tomorrow, things are getting open. Nowadays, no one is afraid or feels shy about talking and discussing matters regardless of their intensity. It is a good trait that is helping people to speak about sex, its education, and its nuances. From homosexuality to polyamory to sex with friends, individuals are open to every type of relationship. Human relationships are gaining higher attention which is helping mankind in better ways.

As social beings, humans have fantasies and fetishes. Such feelings push them for interactions, communication, exchange, and display of affection. And everyone points to the term ‘friendship’ commonly. But “sex between friends”, is it even required? The idea may seem to be weird, but it eventually helps you change your perspective towards the relationship. You can call your friends on brunch etc., and have an adventurous time none of you have ever done. Copulation becomes a positive aspect of your life. And eventually, you grow as a human. Let’s dig out the topic focusing more light on it.

How Does It Work?

Before going further, you need to factorize the concept of friendship. A friend is one with whom you can share everything, from feelings to lingerie. They make you feel trustworthy, comfortable and wanted. Pals are someone whom you can rely on at the toughest times. You can have them beside you whenever you feel sad, depressed, joyful, or excited. Speaking to your companions will never make you bored. You can have a hefty time doing exciting things.

But sometimes, things may get down the track. For instance, if you just broke up with your partner or have been single for a long time, you can tell your friend about it. Many even go one step forward and have a no strings attached relationship. Having an affection for your bestie or going intimate with them is all ok because you care for each other. Regardless of your gender, you can surely express your sexual affection to your pal. Try being friends without going deep emotionally.

Should Everyone Practice This?

If you ask two friends who deeply adore each other, the answer will be ‘yes’ without any doubt. When you have a sensual bond with your mate, you do not have any space for jealousy, burden, sense of ownership, or anything that hinders the relationship. You should spend a beneficial time that only provides bliss to your body & mind. One must understand that feeling for anyone cannot be predicted. Be simple and composed while you explore sexuality with your friend.

When you have an existing bond of friendship with a person the sensual bond does not take much time to sprout. In the case of women, the responses are more positive as they can adjust thing circumstances quite easily. Rather, it is seen, that when ladies feel the most comfortable, they experience more hearty orgasms. They become more confident! On the other hand, males focus more visually, pointing straight when you come to the topic of sex. Yet, one can expect a fruitful bond with them and go for the pleasure-meet.

Do Males & Females See It Differently?

If someone goes casually, they will have a wild guess that men tend to enjoy more or opt for sex with friends or friends-with-benefits relationships. They look carefree and come to a conclusion pretty quickly without wasting much time. Whether you want to go shopping or to the couch for hanky-panky, they will not take much time and decide. But as per studies, women enjoy more while they have friends with benefits or a sensual no strings attached relationship with their friends.

But frankly, there is no rule book that binds human beings, especially in case of meeting for pleasure. The focus should always be on the facts that say what position of life a person is in. People who want a formal relationship with their friend or someone else are recommended not to indulge in a sexual relationship with such people. In the end, if the other person just wanted to have sex purely without keeping any emotional attachments, it will break your heart. Sometimes relationships like this become a real mess.

To-Do Or Not-To-Do “Sex with Friends”?

One must understand the very first time, that love and sex are two different things. Different impulses work in each area. If you and your dear one is involved in a formal relationship there is always more to explore than just going for mating. On the reverse side, if you are here only for pleasure, you should not talk about emotions. Many have even found a deeper side in their friendship after having an erotic time with each other.

But before going with the spirit of eroticism, one must also understand the risks involved in the process. Sex between friends sometimes encourages expectations that you should make clear beforehand. Just because you are horny, you cannot force your pal to go to the bed with you. Taking a step towards a no strings attached relationship with your bestie should be planned well. Else it may ruin relations. Emotional damages are hard to heal, and sometimes even take years to overcome.

Until and unless you have fastened your bonds well you should step into this. You need to converse directly without any guilt or shame. The essential part of friendship must not be overlooked. You are friends first. And this thought will help you go through nights full of passion.