5 Features: You Are a Sapiosexual

When you see a person for the first time, you start observing their physique, looks, behavior, and sometimes their dressing style. This happens when you are a total stranger at the first step. But attraction knows no boundaries. Just like the people who are sapiosexual. They get seduced by the action, speaking style, and most times the intelligence of some people.

Seducing sapiosexuals is a bit complex. Sometimes individuals fail to impress others with their lavish dressing style. However, the opposite happens when a simple-dressed person steals the show with mere intelligence and wit. This concludes that humans should try enticing only those with whom they can connect their inner selves. Here are few more facts about sapiosexuals.

They Prioritize Intellect

Your brain is the sexiest organ of your body. It’s the very place where a desire for someone commences the first time. Someone who values the intellect to deal with worldly things and is curious about life, work, and play is just like a sex bomb for sapiosexuals. They lose the charm of attraction and intimacy when someone fails to outreach their intellectual self.

The term sapiosexual was coined from the word “sapere” which means “to be wise” if understood perfectly. So, if you feel drawn towards someone who is intelligent and can hypnotize people with brainpower, you are a sapiophile. This feature is you will not only restrict yourself to the looks and charms of others. you will even get aroused when you come across a witty person.

Most Women Are Sapiophilles

It is a wired but true fact; women have a more complex brain than that of men. It is thus a reality that urges the people of this gender to incline towards something more than just sexual desires. Studies say men are found to be more anxious to have sex imagining that their partner is ready even before them. But the truth is women think something beyond just bodily attractions.

Females base their desires and satisfactions on various deeper aspects other than just the physique. When men are assumed to be more visually fascinated, the other gender look for as visual as well as physical stimuli. That is why more women are found to have signs of being sapiosexual. A man’s or woman’s words, their style of speaking, kind-heartedness, and most importantly wit captivates these women more. But this doesn’t prove that men can’t be sapiophiles.

They Think Intelligence Is Sexier Than a Beach Body

There are various concepts that claim to describe the features of a sapiophile. However, you can go through these attributes to find out if you are one of them or not.

Sapiophiles like to engage in complex and stimulating conversations. This means, that such people will get immediately attracted when someone effectively expresses themselves and listen to others to do the same.

These people are often seen prioritizing those with great intellect over a physically toned body. They follow others’ beliefs, morals, values, interests, etc., making them excited. The excitement often turns up into sexual arousal.

Choose Bookstore Over Amusement Parks

Couples often go to amusement parks, movies, parties, etc., with their partners on their first dates. But if you have the tickles of a sapiophile you will choose a quiet place like a bookstore over any other thing. Such places will engage a couple in deep discussion about various things even about sex. A small intimate place like a lounge with soft music and witty intellects will be the perfect place for the first date.

They Fantasize More

As discussed earlier, the brain is the human’s prime sexual organ. As people with intelligence play a lot with their brain, it also thinks of situations and fantasizes about their sex and daily lives. Real fantasies are just a state of mind. Various people believe instant looks and physical fitness are vital to choosing a partner. In the initial stage of a relationship, this might be true but for the next step, you need to think of something more. You need to know the inner self-other than the outer structure, just like the sapiosexuals.

Sapiosexuals use their mind in most conditions. And it also helps them to manifest a fruitful night full of intimate actions. If you are sapiosexual, you have nothing to do with gender or sexual performance. But being one of them will help you build an aura that can satisfy your and your partner’s hidden urges with maximum effectiveness. This proves the fact that anyone whether they are straight, bisexual, homosexual, or inclined towards something else, can be sapiosexual.

Understanding yourself or others is great quality. When you can finally discover what you want from a relationship with your intellect, it boosts your self-confidence. The Almighty has put various common and uncommon qualities in everyone. From hobbies to concerns, it differs from person to person. The same rule applies when you are searching for your sexuality. One is fully free to know, belief, think, and opine what one feels for.