Using Saliva or Lubricants for Sex Play

People wonder whether it’s safe to use saliva as a lubricant during penetration. The idea of using spit as natural lubrication has come from the popular trend of watching porn. In an erotic video, you can see that actor, especially males apply saliva to their genitals before an intimate encounter with their partners. But is it a good habit to follow this practice during a lovemaking session?

It’s a natural grease that the body produces, and using it when no other option is left can work. If you want to raise the temperature in your bedroom and spice up lovemaking affairs, avoid using saliva that has digestive enzymes. It’s better to use spit during unexpected times and extreme sex emergencies only. Otherwise, couples must avoid using spit as a penetrating lubricant to enhance physical pleasure.

Find Alternate to Saliva for Lubrication

Spitting on the genitals before the real action can be cost-effective but leads to harmful consequences. Vaginal or yeast infections are common problems that women face while using saliva as the greasing material to reduce friction. Natural lubrication dries quickly, affects the vaginal microbiome, and increases the chances of inflammation in female reproductive organs. It also increases the possibility of catching STIs like HPV, Gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, and syphilis.

If you or your partner have sore throat or mouth infection, using spit as the sex lubricant can be dangerous. In order to reduce the chances of wear and tear in private organs, do not use it around the genitals. It lacks the consistency of being a slippery agent making the vagina dry quickly. So, couples should invest in commercial lubes for a pleasurable lovemaking experience instead of relying on saliva.

Use Lubricants to Enhance Physical Pleasure

Couples who want to get over the sexual discomfort & prolong the satisfaction on the bed can use high-quality greasing materials. They have long-lasting moisturizing effects that help make anal or vaginal penetration quicker and smoother. Water, oil, silicone, and natural slicks are readily available on leading e-commerce sites like Amazon or adult toy stores. They can help introduce new sensations in a romantic relationship.

  • Water-Based Gels

Glycerin content in the lubricating substances can be used best when combined with vibrators and latex condoms. Water-based slicks are genital-friendly and contain fewer chemicals compared to other commercial lubricators. Those who want to practice safe sex and take the maximum pleasure from an intimate session can use watery substances without second thoughts. People with sensitive skin can mitigate the friction using the slick material.

  • Silicone-Based Lubricants

Silicone lubricating gels having hypoallergenic properties are best for enjoying anal sex sessions as they don’t harm latex condoms. The presence of silicone polymers, including Dimethicone and Cyclopentasiloxane, makes it a long-lasting lubrication for sexual intercourse. Their water retention property is suitable for enjoying shower sex. If you want to enjoy a mind-blowing blow job & anal penetration, silicone slicks are a perfect choice.

  • Oil-Based Lubricating Gels

If you are tired of re-applying lubricants during intimate encounters, oil-based greasy material is something you must consider. They do not require reapplication and increase the chances of achieving orgasm and sexual stimulation. Petroleum jelly, mineral, avocado & coconut oil, creams, and body lotions are the best oil-based slicks that are perfect for sensual massage and foreplay. Avoid using them with polyisoprene, latex, and lambskin condoms.

  • Natural Lubes

A lovemaking session can become more exciting and pleasurable when you use products free from synthetic fragrances, harsh chemicals & preservatives, including parabens. Many people use coconut oil as an advanced formula before the final show time on the bed. Organic Aloe vera gel can be a perfect option to make penetration comfortable as it does not contain perfumes, propylene glycol, and glycerin.

Water, oil, silicon, or natural lubricants can be used by anyone regardless of age, gender, or relationship status. Whether you want self-pleasure or look for a passionate encounter with your lover, friction-reducing agents can enhance pleasure. You can achieve a mind-blowing orgasm or reach the height of ecstasy with or without a partner using premium quality lubrication. Enjoy mind-blowing masturbation when alone, but don’t forget to apply grease with moisturizing effects.

Make Sexual Intercourse Last Longer

Lubricating gels can be a perfect choice for those who want to have a pleasurable & safer experience of lovemaking. They not only reduce the friction during anal or vaginal intercourses but also help enjoy pain-free sessions. Slicks are available in Butter Scotch, Coffee, Cherry, Apple, Banana, Vanilla, Orange, and other exciting flavors to make foreplay, role-play, and intimate encounters more satisfying.

Couples can enjoy high sensitivity when using cooling lubes with menthol, peppermint, mint-based components, herbal extracts, or other chemicals that give a chilling effect to sensitive body parts. You can also use warm lubricating gels for warming sensations. They contain benzyl alcohol, glycerin, glycerol, citric acid, or capsaicin, giving a warming sensation with extra pleasure. Choose yours according to your sexual needs & enjoy anal sex, vaginal intercourse, foreplay & masturbation.