Sex Games That’ll Spice Up Your Relationship

Couples always try to explore new ways to improve intimacy & promote better understanding. Day-to-day hassles make it challenging to juggle work and life and improve sex life. It’s essential to carve out time for sex to rejuvenate your mental and physical health. Physical intimacy is a must when you love someone, and there’s nothing better than introducing sex games in your relationship.

It’s beneficial for couples to understand the concept behind playing erotic games in the bed to enhance pleasure. When you feel your love life is getting boring, you need a spark that can bring back the passion for making it more enjoyable. You need to be confident about your taste, preference, and expectation when choosing sex plays to make things hot and steamy between you and your significant other.

Sensual games can help you out in releasing sexual tensions and finding your partner’s erotic language. It’s essential to discover ways to strengthen the bond and enjoy a fulfilling life with love, care, romance, understanding, trust, and passion. Sex games enrich mood and enhance sexual variety and flexibility. They provide depth to relationships, invite curiosity and boost creativity in couples.

It’s better not to restrict yourself to physical touches with your partner to build arousal and get in the mood for an intimate encounter. Sometimes thinking out of the box can help express creativity & trying different sex games provides an opportunity to revitalize relationships. They allow partners to know about each other’s hidden fantasies, inner desires, and dark secrets before the final show on the bed.

Exciting Erotic Games for Couples
Knowing about your partner’s hidden fantasies to enhance physical intimacy is always fun. Erotic games are more than caressing, kissing, touching, and vaginal or anal penetration. You can try playing games like verbal masturbation, fantasy bowl, blind man’s bluff, kinky cards, strip scrabble, mirror game, or mystery toy. It’s better to change your monotonous routine to give & receive pleasure.

Strip Poker Game
This adult game brings excitement to the next level and sets the mood for a passionate lovemaking session. The best way to enjoy is to play your favorite music, freshen up, and decide the rules in advance. It’ll be an exciting experience when you play for taking clothes off instead of dealing with cash. A partner takes off a piece of clothing when they lose when playing with a deck of cards.

The ‘Try Not To Have Sex Game’
This game is all about delaying the intimate encounter as long as possible. How long can you resist lovemaking when your partner is around you, playing with your body from head to toe? If you love to build sexual tension and delay gratification, you must consider playing this erotic game with your partner. It includes sensual touches and foreplay to build up physical arousal & anticipation.

30-Day Sex Position Challenge
Couples who want to set new goals in their relationships and break the monotonous routine can make the most out of this crazy game. Write down 30 lovemaking positions on 30 different cards and pick one card each day. You can mention missionary, woman on top, reverse cowgirl, side-by-side, Kamasutra positions, and shower sex postures on the card to enjoy different penetration levels.

Role-playing Games
If you are the one who likes to bring a spark to your romantic relationship, nothing is as exciting as introducing role-play games in the bed. It’s a popular game that allows you to get your erotic fantasies to life and re-ignite the passion. You can role-play characters from your favorite television series, movies, or porn videos. Many partners play the roles of boss-employee, teacher-student, nurse-patient & landlord-tenant.

Read Erotic Stories
Everyone loves the feeling of getting aroused in unimaginable ways, and erotica novels and short stories can help couples bring out a high level of physical intimacy. The fictional world of adult stories helps explore sexuality and enhance pleasure on the bed. It acts as a stress buster and gives wings to wild and crazy imaginations. To achieve a better orgasm or feel extraordinary sensations, try watching porn videos.

Body Painting
It’s an incredible game that brings physical desires and satisfaction to the next level. You can use washable paints, a paintbrush & edible body paints to start using your partner’s body as a canvas. The touch of the brush on your body will create an erotic feeling & help you express your wild imaginations. Using raspberries, strawberries, hot chocolate, and banana for body painting is a good idea.

Sexual Practices to Delight Each Other
Couples can get maximum pleasure from an erotic massage before the anal-vaginal penetration. It’ll help you explore erogenous zones in your spouse’s body and release muscular tension. You can introduce food play to make your sex life more enjoyable. Using foods like chocolate syrup, whipped cream, cherries, honey, and frozen grapes during foreplay & intimate encounter is always a better idea.

Adding erotic games in the bedroom can bring back the fire in your relationship. It promotes better understanding and lets you and your partner share fantasies without hassles. Playing sex games and incorporating practices like kissing, spanking, cuddling, touching, humming, sexting, King Out, and tickling can build a stronger relationship. There’s always a scope to kill boredom in bed & relieve stress by trying sexy games in fun-filled ways.