Buy Coins Instead of Paying Directly for an Ad?!!

Hello dear advertisers,

Do you wonder why buying Coins in place of paying direct money for the ads is good or not? If your answer is YES, this blog post is dedicated to explaining some good reasons why an advertiser should opt for Coins as a reliable mode of payment on Oklute.

Needless to mention, you are already familiar with our payment modes i.e. paying money for an advertisement and choosing Coins as a mode of payment for the published advertisement.

We know you are struggling to find answers to some essential questions like:

  • What’s the difference between these two payment modes?
  • What is the best for you?

Read on this blog post to choose the best option for you. Start with the explanation:

Always remember that Oklute strives to ensure the utmost aptness and flawlessness during the entire process. If you have to promote only one ad on Oklute, you may choose to pay directly through the entire procedure.

But it can become a time-taking procedure when you have to pay for the promotion of more than one advertisement. In fact, you will need to go through every step if you choose to pay in money for individual ad. This can be an annoying and repetitive procedure for every ad.

In this condition, Oklute introduces CREDIT system to bypass all the payment procedures. You will be able to make the payment faster for your ads by choosing Coins as a mode of payment. Give your ads more visibility to increase your contacts and network.

What are the Benefits of Purchasing Coins for Your Ads?

Everyone knows that the online payment and promotion are valuable; therefore, there is no need to waste your time in following the traditional procedure. Leverage our tools and mechanism to get your ads more visible on Oklute.

  • You Save Your Time: As mentioned above, choosing Coins as a payment for ad promotion can help you save your valuable time. You don’t need to go through every process whenever you have to promote your ads on Oklute. Your payment for ad promotion is just a click away. This is a quick and immediate way of sponsoring your profile for more visibilities.
  • You Save Your Money: You will come through so many discounts when you choose Coins for payment. Oklute keeps offering surprising offers to help you promote your ads at affordable rates.
  • You Bypass the Issues with Payment Gateway: There may be some circumstances when your payment may fail due to so many technical glitches like server failed, gateway problem, insufficient balance, card is not working, and many more.
  • Coins are Transferable: If you have unused Coins that you don’t need anymore, Oklute allows you to transfer those Coins to your friend

How Our Coins Work?

Once you realize the power of this number 1 adult advertising portal, you will surely love using Coins instead of direct payment. Simply log into your account on Oklute and click on “Coins.” We have different packages, which are designed to suit your preferences.

If you have more than one ad to publish and promote on Oklute, we recommend adding Coins to your wallet. You just need to click on “Promote” and then go for the payment process. Here, you don’t need to add your card details every time and wait for the payment confirmation.

For your surprise, you will find the Coins faster than the traditional payment modes like debit and credit cards. You will surprisingly be sidestepping all the glitches related to credit and debit card payment.

Here are three images to help you know about the procedures:

Login your account then…



and at least……

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