Place Your Ads on Top in Oklute – Buy the Coins!!

Do you look forward to leveraging the networking power of Oklute for your ads? Do you want to stay on the top in Oklute? Don’t worry—we can help you with the process of placing your ads on the top position. With this guided blog, you will come to know about everything you need to do for staying on the top. We have a customizable tool to help you decide on the frequency of time and days you want to stay ahead in the VIP of Oklute.

You have a complete control over the way you want to promote your profile during a specific time period. So, let’s get started step by step and find how you can get the most out of Oklute for your services.

VIP Reach the Top Oklute: How to Make My Ad Be Seen on the Top?

First of all, log into your account and go to the ad you want to promote. Click on “Promote” to go to choose a plan. Here, you will see different plans quoted at different prices. Select the one based on your budget.

Now it comes to paying for the plan you have selected. Oklute recommends using Coins for all types of transactions on Oklute. You may refer to our blog post to learn why you should buy coins instead of paying directly for an ad.

Now, to purchase coins, click on the highlighted button Coins. If you have owned any Oklute Coins previously, you check out the “Purchase Record” to find whether you have any balance. You will see the coins left to be used, if you have.

The Coins window does also let you find the packages based on the country you want to promote your ads in. If you are transacting in foreign currency, Oklute offers you a tool for a flawless conversion process.

Choose the plan that suits to your requirements. You will always be given some FREE coins with every package to place your ads in the VIP of Oklute easily. We have two plans – VIP Reach the Top and VIP Exclusive. Choose either to increase your contacts in a few days.

Click on “Buy Coins” and make payment for this transaction through any of the given payment option.

Payment options for the VIP of Oklute:

You can now check the price and plan in your cart whether you have selected a right plan. Buy coins using credit and debit cards.

Now you need to decide on the days you want to keep your ads promoted. Be informed, the frequency of days may either increase or decrease the cost of the plan you have chosen.

If you witness any issue with this process or if you need more details, we can help you. Reach out to us at

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