Facts about Queer Platonic Relationships

Humans are bound to each other with their feelings. One can feel for their parents, friends, siblings, spouse, and others to remain in a relationship. And things need not be romantic all the time. Even couples in Queer Platonic Relationships do not indulge in any romantic feelings yet maintain a bond to carry forward their togetherness. These are ordinary relationships where you create a bond with other people without any goal to engage physically. Many even use it as a partner relationship.

The Queer Platonic Relationship is a kind of confusing bond where two people are together but do not try to mix up romantically. The bond between such couples is tight but that does not force them to go physical all the way. This type of understanding is mostly seen in between a male and male, female and female, and even male and female. Genders and sexual orientations are not a big deal in such relationships. Admiration for each other and emotional attachment is all that matter for these people. The love between them grows without any sexual desire.

Characteristics of Queer Platonic Relationships

Queer Platonic Relationships can be followed by people of diverse tastes. Their life experiences and ideas can also be the reason behind this behavior. The preferences vary from the normal people who like to mate with their partners often. The only thing you will find in them is empathy for their partners. This kind of individual loves to talk with their companions for long hours and remain happy just with a forehead kiss, holding hands, promising, and maintaining the promises. Here are some of the traits you can find in a Queer Platonic Relationship.

Exclusive Rules

Just like a normal married couple where both parties vow to each other some promises, the same happens between people practicing Queer Platonic Relationships. They exclusively do not indulge in any sexual or romantic relationships with their partners. They may even practice monogamy, but remain secluded sexually from their partners. However, there is no such rule that states they cannot have a sexual relationship with someone else outside their bond. Because of these rules, in the modern days, one can find people tying knots and maintaining a Queer Platonic Relationship.

No Physical Intimacy

For two people in a love relationship mating or involving in sexual acts is common. But in Queer Platonic Relationships, people do not practice such things. If your partner wants to carry on a Queer Platonic Relationship, you must express your feelings first without indulging emotionally. Physical contact is a big NO for them. However, hugging each other, kissing, holding hands, and pecks are exercised by them. Until you are comfortable with these practices, you can continue the same without any objections.

Queer Platonic Relationships Vs Friends with Benefits

Attraction towards anyone or anything is a common human phenomenon. In the course, they may even indulge in pacifying their partner’s sexual urges. However, individuals with a mentality of maintaining a Queer Platonic Relationship may not involve with each other physically. They love to express their attitude towards their partners with deeds. On the other hand, people in Friends with Benefits relationships indulge only in sexual relationships without keeping strings attached. Although poles apart, these two bondages are similar in various ways.

In Friends with Benefits relations, two people get attracted only to fulfill their sexual desires. At other times, they do not even bother whether a person is well or not, but this is not the case in QPR people. With strong bonds, they like to be with their partners without mingling sexually. The connection is solely emotional than physical. But, if you are in such a relationship you may practice the friends with benefits exercise. Consent is what only matters here, and you are free to practice sex somewhere else without bindings.

Names In QPR

Since no one is connected with their partners in a QPR or Queer Platonic Relationship mostly they do not like to call their partners girlfriends or boyfriends. The platonic partner feels comfortable in doing so as this gives the freedom of introducing their partners anywhere. Comrade, friend, and terms related to them are intermediate and can be used quite easily. People even call their platonic partners “my favorite” and “ma copine”. “Plush” is another term used to describe a platonic partner.

Who Can Practice QPR

The best part of the Queer Platonic Relationship is you do not even realize and practice it unknowingly. You may have a QRP relationship with your best friend, some stranger you meet every day, and other people. You do not have to fit into society-made norms or labels. One is free to indulge in such relationships without any hesitations. People in QPR can make out plans to go for outings and experiment with their feelings for each other. The result can be tedious, but that does not matter when you are not sexually involved.

Most people involved in sexless relationships understand their partners better. What do they desire, what are their ambitions, what can be good for them, etc.; they have the answers for all their ‘whats’. When you feel low or achieve a great feat professionally, you can share it with your QPR partner because they will not judge you. The chemistry develops even without sex and other practices. The Queer Platonic Relationship is for all and everyone.