8 Common Positions Practiced by Lesbians

Sex in every form is a delight to experience. It does not matter what is your orientation, but you have all the rights and methods to make it fiery or delicate. It all depends on your mood whether you prefer a sweet affectionate time or an intense and passionate experience. For lesbians, the story can be spicier. Since you do not practice penetration, you are freer to use your imagination trying every kind of posture, position, toy, and adventure. The game of pleasure has no definite rules, so you can play it as you like.

Pleasure does not only mean penetration. People have a prejudice that only penetration can provide you the satisfaction of your physical chastity. But individuals now can acknowledge their likes and dislikes very well these days. Sex without penetration has a lot of innovation focusing only on satisfaction. For lesbian people, the key is to stimulate the clitoris well. Although the female body has a lot to explore, the ultimate destination is the clitoris. It is the central part of the female body alluring all the sexual tension and joy.

However, many have even found other ways to provide joy to the female body. Nipple stimulation is one of these. Not only the vagina but the whole body of a lesbian is a place to give pleasure. With newer means and open-mindedness people’s perspectives are also broadening. One can try different positions and postures to bring out the joy of achieving bliss under the sheets. Even by tickling your partner the right way, you can provide them with the delicacy of their sexual desires. Here are some of the most common sex positions for lesbian couples.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

“rock, paper, scissors” is a common game played by everyone. But for lesbian couples, this has some other meaning. They take ‘rock’ as fisting, ‘paper’ as fingering, and ‘scissoring’ as the vagina. One of the partners in a couple uses this and reaches the other’s vagina. Rubbing their partner’s clitoris using their body organs increases the sensation and grows the desire to achieve more satisfaction. You can ask your partner what they prefer and do just the opposite as foreplay and spice to your actions and experience.

Hands Tied

Lesbians maintain a true bond to keep their relationship healthy. Mixing up the elements of bondage elevates the chances of gaining more pleasure without opting for penetration. A new practice is always welcomed during the act of copulation. One of the partners can use a handkerchief, rope, or tape to tie the other’s hands. Nowadays there are a lot of kinky toys available online, like pink handcuffs, to make your action further more delightful. After that, land on them to provide immense pleasure. Your oral skills bring flying colors to your partner handing them pleasure all the way.

Mutual Masturbation

As a lesbian, it is also pleasurable to see your partner naked and satisfying herself using her fingers or a toy. Watching her pleasuring herself is a major turn-on that gives you the perfect idea about what she likes and where she wants you to touch and provide pleasure. Things get more heated when you both touch each other’s erogenous zones and proceed toward mutual pleasure. Choose any of the positions you like and satisfy each other mutually. Sex toys can also help you achieve what you desire.

69 Position

If you find face sitting as a common act, you can step a bit forward and go for the 69 positions. Rolling over in different angles helps you change the clitoral action of your partner. The 69 position also allows taking a clear, nice, and enlarged view of your favorite person’s ass. You both can take turns to be on the top and play with the other one’s clitoral muscles. Tickling the right way will bring out the nectar you wanted to taste for a long. Sitting upside down on your partner lets you enjoy yourself a lot.

Belted Missionary

A missionary sex position is liked by everyone regardless of the fact you are straight or not. However, in a belted position, one of the recipient’s legs is tied up by their ankles over the other partner’s shoulders. The variation one gets helps in enjoying deeper penetration. Individuals have even reported that they have experienced body-shaking orgasms. You can try different postures to land on your partner and find the sweet spot. Let the nipples and clitoris engage in a pure game of sex all the way.

On The Knees

Spooning and doggy style has gone outdated, so here comes something new. It is somewhere in the middle of both positions. Leaning on your partner without having a look at their face will force you to touch them and stimulate the erogenous spots with more passion. Your urge to listen to their voice and moans will increase as the process becomes more intense. Lesbian couples can also practice kneeling by facing each other and pressing one another’s assets with all their might. Do not keep any space between you, and enjoy the moment.

Face the Wall

Here, one of the two partners has to face the wall using a sofa, bed, or chair. They lean against the wall, and the other one touches their partner stimulating the nipples and clitoral walls. The enraging sensation brings satisfaction to both and provides a clear way of affection. The one who is facing the wall may experience something more than the one who is touching. They will get absorbed in pleasure when their vulva, anus, and perineum are touched, slurped, and kissed.

Cuddling & Lying Down

As discussed earlier, penetration and elongated posture are not everything to enjoy intimacy. Even if you are one of the lesbians, you do not need to wear a strap-on to have amazing sex. You can lie down to cuddle, kiss, and smooch each other. The action increases the heat in you and strengthens the bond. Using the fingers to touch and allure each other’s vulva, boobs, and nipples will also provide you with a great time under the sheets. Even simple things can give you the same pleasure.

Loving your partner is the sole aim of all the positions you try. Be honest with your partner to enjoy your time in bed to the fullest. There are lesbian couples who even love fisting allowing one to insert their entire hand inside the other’s vagina. This way you can even enjoy without a penis or even bring a sex toy in the middle. The intense sensation will help you spill out pleasure and enjoy your time.