Sex Wearing Socks: Good or Bad Idea?

Indulging in sexual intercourse asks you to remain cloth-less. But there are a few things, like socks, you can put on to spice up the action. People have produced mixed expressions on using socks during sex. According to a few, wearing a pair of stockings or something like that while mating minimizes the attractiveness of the person, while others say it enhances the whole act. If you like wearing them when you have stripped off other clothes for the action, no one is there to judge you. Just try and experience.

Those who love wearing a knee-length or ankle-length pair of socks while penetration, keep them clean and spotless. You can choose from a variety; there are plain white socks, and socks with graphic prints, and the latest ones have superheroes and animals printed on them. This may be because they desire something on the skin poking during their act. What do you think putting on something till the ankle height while in bed would have good sides or bad? Let’s find out.

A New Fetish

Pleasure or excitement may come from anything to everything. Some use toys, and some like wearing socks while seeking pleasure. The intensity depends on how you use it. People who have done sex, and put socks on found a different sensation that they haven’t gained wearing a shirt, garter, or other garments. If you undergo fear or anxiety in your daily life and possess the same during sex, you can wear socks to overcome this. The mental response even increases the pleasure of orgasm.

But for people who love the foot fetish, socks can be disturbing. Socks do not let you enjoy if you prefer smooching, licking, or watching your partner’s feet. Smelly socks may even disturb the whole idea and bring you into a bad mood. For such people, the foot covers are a kind of obstacle in trying to reach desire. The visual image often makes them anti-erotic. But do you know socks scientifically boost orgasms marinating your body heat? Your whole scenario changes by just wearing a pair of socks.

Socks Help Maintain Body Heat

Did you know that? When you enjoy fruitful sexual intercourse, blood circulation increases and plays a major role in the whole process. You get better arousal, and the blood flows to the right areas of your body. The sensitivity and warmth increase, thus giving you pleasure all the way. Having sex with socks keeps your feet warm and helps you focus on other interesting areas. Frozen feet are a big NO when you are under the sheets and willing to start the action.

Distraction or Confidence

It has always been a topic for discussion and debate, whether wearing socks increases confidence or pacifies it. Human feet, although important organs are mostly neglected from a beauty point of view. Your partner may have painted their nails or recently done a pedicure, but socks will hide that and hinder your path of pleasure. So, most people find it taboo or better to call it a distraction. Bad-smelling socks derange the mood, and you might call off the idea o sex.

On the other hand, individuals who suffer from cold feet can use foot covers. They keep your feet warm, keep the blood circulation normal, and add an extra feature of fabric to your action. Lights off but socks on drags you to a situation where you only think of sex without thinking about anything else. People who do not bother about their partners’ attire, position, or accessories, never mind their practice of wearing a pair of socks or stockings.

Socks Waste Time?

Imagining a scene while you are on the bed with your companion might not hassle you, whether they wear socks or not. Even some erotic films portray their actors with socks while having sex with their partners. That one piece of clothing is often neglected in the whole process. The focus remains on satisfying the big O. As a result, they experience more pleasure and relaxation. But not everyone agrees with this theory. They find the stockings a useless thing during the whole penetration period.

During foreplay, when people strip off their companions, pulling down socks as an extra garment often confuses them. Removing the foot cover after pulling off the top and jeans seems to be quite a task. The act even disturbs the balance and extinguishes sex hunger. The passion may times goes down, leaving people gasping for what just happened. Taking down socks after all that attire makes the mind clouded and blurs the vision. This makes them think of socks as an acute waste of time.

Feet Sensation

Human feet are a multitude of a number of nerve endings. You can observe hot, cold, dryness, wetness, and other sensations with your feet. Even the slightest touch may tickle your bone. So, covering them while practicing intimacy may disturb many people for obvious reasons. Many find this organ as one of the mind boosters. But a few also consider them as a body that should be ignored. The person approaching the feet does not receive any good feeling, so the sensation is missed.

However, if you follow scientific documents, it says, putting on stockings keeps the feet warm, helps in blood circulation, and helps the person gain more pleasure with multiple orgasms. It is definitely a turn-on that matches the actors of the erotic movies. You may debate about the foot covers several times, but you must try them at least once to experience a different flair of your erotic persona. Cold feet never let you have a good time. So think wisely.