Ways To Stimulate a Woman’s G-Spot

A woman is God’s ultimate piece of beauty. And only expert techniques can make them happy. Satisfying a lady needs precision and dignity which their body always prefers. To provide the most intensified moments that they enjoy with utter pleasure, the best way is to reach their most sensitive body part, the G-spot. The organ has a definite position and only some of the defined techniques can get you there. It is no less than a challenge to come to the G-spot and stimulate it all the way.

Doing it the right way can do wonders for the female body. The positive effects reduce stress, improve skin texture, and elevate mood. Many even call it the ‘mystery spot’. Women can are said to be capable of self orgasm without any penetration with a penis, hands, mouth, or a toy. So, you have to come out of the fictional theories and search for ways to get to the spot and satisfy your mistress. Here are some of the tips that can prove to be useful for you in the journey.

What Is G-Spot?

Ernest Gräfenberg was among the first people in the world who believed there is a special spot inside the vagina of a woman that arouses them the best way. However, many still find the theory bogus. The ‘G’ in ‘G-spot’ stands for Gräfenberg who discovered the spot. It is about three to four inches down the belly button at the entrance of the vaginal wall. When aroused the piece of skin coagulation can slightly increase in size. Interestingly, many call this spot the ‘pleasure button’.

The G-spot is one of the vital parts of the clitoris. It means when you aim to stimulate this spot you are actually into the clitoris, stimulating it. The pea-sized nub is likely at the tip of the clitoris which gets rubbed while penetrating. But finding and turning an ON button is not really a cakewalk. The sensitive spot is tough to find and often gives a sensation of peeing when smooched or touched. A number of ladies try avoiding this and go for other forms of pleasure.

G-Spot Vs Clitoris

Clitoris is the term or organ people are most aware of. It is the most sensitive erogenous zone of the female body. It can also be said as the primary source of sexual pleasure for females. As a part of the vulva, the clit is responsible for orgasm. The organ is just above the urethral opening at the juncture of the inner labia. G-spot on the other hand is a nub and the part of the clit. It causes the most prized female ejaculation.

However, G-spot stimulation is more complex than it seems. Being inside the clitoris it is challenging to bring out the actual satisfaction a lady wants. Individuals who know the tactics to explore the clitoris and reach the G-spot can intensify the right sensations causing orgasm. Moreover, only rubbing or trying to stimulate the G-spot will not get you to the point you want to be. You have to be patient, apply gentle pressure initially, and were required to treat it the best way. You can also induce foreplay acts to build an aura before starting the action.

Stimulation Techniques

G-spot stimulation is no less than a piece of craft. The first step is to bring the female body at ease. This lets you or her explore the body well and what type of feelings come up. Locating the spot quickly will push you towards success halfway. Fingering works as a masterful action in arousing a lady. Insert the middle finger and try to touch the naval from the inside. Sense the vaginal walls, making various pressures and going deep.

The fun process starts when you come in contact with the perfect erotic area. People employ a number of ways to reach that spot. You can try the doggy style, cowgirl, and other positions to get hold of the G-spot right away. Massaging the opening and using a finger or a toy simultaneously are other methods to reach a satisfactory orgasm. There is no right or wrong when you require sensual pleasure. One just has to give the process a bit of time and keep their patience to let the magic happen.

Use Fingers As Wand

Fingers are the immediate options when you seek to do a job. Intending to stimulate the G-spot, one should always start with the motion of fingers. While using two fingers dipped inside the vagina, you should imitate the action of “come here” to enjoy the most. For this, insert your index and middle fingers and stretch and bend them in simultaneous action. Similarly, you can also exert different pressure and techniques to move the fingers inside out. However, if you fail to stimulate in those ways try using some other. There are no written rules.

Employ Toys

The modern era of tech has brought people to various gadgets. The dildos, waterproof stimulators, bullet-shaped vibrators, etc., are quite a in fashion. These toys are specifically made to give you self-pleasure. The penis-shaped toys are the right thing to get nasty when you are in your sheets alone. But that doesn’t mean you cannot use them with your partners. Try various inclinations, postures, positions, and movements to test the entrance and exit. The vibrations you experience surely rub and ignite your G-spot.

Best Positions One Can Apply

There are no hard and fast rules or positions that can discover the female body’s G-spot or stimulate them. One has to use the trial and error method to do the job precisely. The penis or toy size and shape also matter while reaching orgasm rubbing off the G-spot. Comfort and elasticity bring pleasure and lead to satisfaction. Most people go for doggy style to achieve deeper penetration. They also vary the angle when they hit the G-spot. Others try the cowgirl position that allows females to have complete control and go up and down as per their preference.

Lots of paper, ink, energy, money, and brain have been spent in finding the actual spot that gives ladies intense satisfaction. But the scenario still remains a mystery. Practices such as oral sex, stimulation through vibrators, etc., can let you come close to the spot, but getting to it is still a long way. Rough sex and instant penetrations may not let you have the sole fun you are searching for. Instead, go slow and take a patient way to satisfy your lady.