Myths & Facts about Penis Size

There is no shame in exploring your body, especially genital organs & finding ways to enhance sexual satisfaction. A woman feels obsessed with her vagina, while a man places great importance on his penis. Some men feel worried about the size of their private parts because of the myth that it decides the amount of pleasure in an intimate encounter. You must have heard that penis symbolizes fertility, strength & virility. It’s a misconception that the size of a male genital is the only thing that matters. It’s essential to have the proper knowledge and debunk the myths associated with the size of the male organ.

Is It Possible for A Man to Enhance the Size of His Penis?

Male sexual organs come in many shapes and sizes, and there is no perfect size suitable for fun in the bed. Are you one of those who think about the possibility of growing the size of a penis? The simple answer to this question is “Yes.” But it’s better not to fall into the trap of fake advertisements promoting products for penile enlargement. These commercials raise expectations, but a personal reliance on them ends up disappointed. You can go for penis enlargement surgery to get a thicker & wider genital. The success rate of these operations is high in countries like Spain, Venezuela & Germany.

Bigger The Size, The Better the Experience on The Bed

This misconception is concerned with self-confidence and not with sexual satisfaction. A large penis has nothing to do with physical pleasure, and studies show that many women feel uncomfortable with a giant male organ during anal sex. They are concerned about commitment, creativity, willingness, and actions & focus less on male anatomy. Men should not worry about the length & girth because a bigger penis leads to painful intercourse.

Physical satisfaction does not depend on the penis only. Mood, behavior, desires, mutual understanding, trust, emotional & physical intimacy & self-efficacy are some factors responsible for sexual pleasure, penetration, and orgasm. Anilingus, Kings out, Axillary Intercourse, Erotic massage, Mutual Masturbation, BDSM, Cunnilingus, Fellatio & Kunyaza are some of the sexual practices which are enough to arouse couples. Stimulating erogenous zones like the chest, back, waist, and inner thighs can also help you reach climax. Couples can also engage in kissing, touching & licking to get started.

Height Correlates with The Size of The Sexual Organ

There’s no relationship between a person’s height & his penis length. Genetics defines the size of a male member and has nothing to do with the foot, hand, arm, leg size & other body parts. Studies also reveal there is no correlation between shoe size & penile length. Tall men do have small penises compared to shorter people is another myth. Some people also believe that Black men are blessed with a large penis & Asians have small genitalia, but it’s not true.

Penile Size Matters to Women

It’s a complete myth that a woman cares about the size of her partner’s private organ. The girth turns them on and makes them feel excited during a sexual encounter. They only have a range of preferences regarding the reproductive organ size to enjoy quality time and have limitless fun. A female wants his male partner to hit the right areas of sexual to achieve a high level of arousal & reach orgasm. Moreover, a bigger penis makes it challenging for couples to try different sex positions on the bed. Men should focus on technique and the quality of lovemaking rather than enhancing their penile length.

A penile-vaginal encounter can become a painful experience for a woman because of the length of the penis. A giant male reproductive organ can make it challenging for a female partner to get sexual satisfaction. Women get conscious about the penile length just like they feel about the size and shape of their breasts & buttocks. Some believe a curved penis is unsuitable for hitting the G-Spot during an intimate encounter.

Suitable Sex Positions for Penis with Different Sizes & Shapes

Different shapes & sizes can provide pleasure depending on the mood, comfort & understanding. For example, a hammer-shaped penis is best for the Doggy-style position. A person with a Pencil-shaped penis can enjoy the woman-on-the-top position. This position allows a female partner to dominate the lovemaking session. Go with the Reverse Cowgirl position if you have a mushroom-shaped genital as it’ll increase the excitement & help you enjoy anal or vaginal penetration. Missionary-style position suits men with a banana-shaped sexual organ as it allows them to stimulate the G-spot without failure.

Some people around the world hold the record for having giant male organs & topping the list is Mexican man Roberto Esquível having a length of 48 centimeters. Actor Jonah Falcon has also made headlines because of having a genital with 35 centimeters. Miami man Mike Carson has 1.5 millimeters of the reproductive organ.


Above all these penis size myths, a few things that matter the most for physical pleasure are understanding between couples, sexual communication, and emotional and physical intimacy. It’s better to express thoughts & emotions to get the most satisfaction from a lovemaking encounter. Try reading erotic stories & watching porn together or introducing sex toys to enjoy different arousal levels. Men don’t need to worry about penis size & should start exploring new positions with their companions to reach multiple orgasms & boosting sexual energy & stamina. Each person has a different opinion & technique concerning sexual satisfaction. Choose what suits you & your partner & enjoy intimacy like never before.