Best Oral Sex Positions to Try With Your Partner

Sex is an essential practice that brings couples closer and helps them share healthy bonds. It depends on two or more individuals how they make love and what techniques they use. Sex is not limited to penetration of the vagina by the penis. Sexual and asexual activities like kissing, cuddling, foreplay, mutual masturbation, dry humping, hand job, foot job, and oral sex can add thrill to a romantic relationship. Oral play is the practice of using lips, tongue, mouth, or teeth to stimulate the genital body parts of another partner. The sensual act is popular with many names such, as Fellatio, Cunnilingus, and Anilingus, and can be pleasurable for couples in different positions. It’s a way to receive and give oral pleasure to each other apart from regular intercourse.

In Fellatio, the female partner penetrates the penis with the mouth, throat, lips, tongue, and teeth. It involves sucking, licking, and caressing the genital part of the man’s body. The act is also known as fellation or blowjob. A woman can use different positions like Sideways 69, the Grab, Face-First and Flat, the Lean Back, the Tilt, Loveseat Wishbone, and Prop Engine. Cunnilingus is the stimulation of the vagina or clitoris with the tongue, lips, and mouth. A partner licks and sucks the vulva to help his companion reach orgasm and get sexual pleasure. Anilingus is the penetration of the anus through kissing, licking, and sucking. It’s also known as rimming.

Some of the Oral Play Positions for Long-Lasting Satisfaction

  1. Classic 69: It’s one of the suitable positions for couples to penetrate each other’s genitals simultaneously. They can lay down on their backs and spread their legs open to lick and kiss each other’s private areas like the penis and the clitoris. There are different variations like inverted 69, swinging 69, Sideways 69, and Squatting 69 for romantic partners.
  2. Face-Sitting: It’s a sensual position where a female sits on their partner’s face with confidence to get sexual satisfaction. It provides easy and direct access to the clitoris, vulva, and anus for stimulation. A male partner can use the tip of his tongue and lips to tease and excite his spouse. It’s a dominant and submissive practice to please a female and feel the pleasure on the bed, floor, and chair. Women partners can control the speed and motions of their buttocks and body weight.
  3. Doggy Style: The versatile oral sex position gives total control to a male partner to stimulate the genital areas such as the anus and the vagina. It’s an ideal position for vaginal and anal penetration. You can place a pillow or a cushion under your knees to relax, prevent injury and provide better access to your male companion. Couples can also introduce sex toys such as strap-ons, vibrators, feather ticklers, or dildos to oral sex and enhance pleasure.
  4. The Kivin Method: This technique brings women to orgasm in less time. A male partner can place his index finger and thumb to hold the clitoris and start licking and kissing the genital area from side to side. Putting pressure on the perineum with the middle finger can make her feel aroused quickly. It’s a unique method of cunnilingus that couples can perform as a part of foreplay.
  5. Kneeling: It provides a range of free movements to couples. It’s an ideal position for both companions to receive oral pleasure and set the platform for a passionate sexual encounter. You can also add water, silicone, and flavored lube to your mate’s genitals to make the session exciting like anything. Enjoy thrilling sensations with butt plugs, cock rings, anal beads, nipple clamps, and handcuffs.

Communication is the key to enhancing satisfaction and pleasure during oral sex sessions. An exciting oral play can increase sexual desire, stamina, energy, and performance. The sexual technique helps achieve orgasm that releases feel-good hormones including, dopamine, endorphins, serotonin, prolactin, and oxytocin. A female partner can swallow semen that contains melatonin which promotes better sleep and relaxation. It also helps reduce the risk of breast cancer. Men can get rid of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation with non-penetrative sex sessions. A fellatio or cunnilingus act provides emotional and physical satisfaction and helps relieve stress and anxiety.

Performing Oral Sex Safely for Maximum Fun

Couples can share hidden desires to receive oral stimulation and test with sexy positions to know what suits them the best. It’s better to take a hot shower or bath before getting intimate to keep things fresh and exciting. Set the perfect scene for the sexual act by lighting scented or aromatic candles, playing romantic music, and blindfolding your partner. You can move your body close and away from your companion’s mouth or lips to increase the excitement for penetration. Don’t forget that you can acquire many sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) and infections through oral play including, Gonorrhea, Herpes, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), Syphilis, and Chlamydia. It can also lead to human papillomavirus, throat, neck, and head cancer. Enjoy deep penetration and high sex drive by using condoms and dental dams.