Sexual Positions That Men Find Pleasurable and Exciting

A romantic relationship requires mutual trust, affection, commitment, intimacy, open communication, and understanding to evolve. It’s more than being close and attracted to someone. You need to feel safe, secure, and happy with your mate. It’s better to understand the value of creating a sexual connection and forming physical and emotional closeness. Sex play a vital role in building a long-lasting bond between couples. Male partners try to stimulate their female partners with different sexual postures and never settle down for less when it comes to pleasure. They like to try new things in bed and drive their partners crazy with exciting positions.

Men love to give and receive pleasure during lovemaking. They are visual creatures who love to admire their partners during sexual encounters. Some keep it simple while having sex, and some like to introduce sex positions to reach orgasm. Trying new sex positions keeps a relationship alive and ignites passion and romance. A relationship is a form of emotional and interpersonal bond that involves feelings of love, care, and personal attachment. Couples must keep the spark alive in the bedroom and introduce new ways of lovemaking to feel extra pleasure.

Intimate Sex Positions That Man Put On Their Bucket List:

  1. Cowgirl– This position allows a female to take charge of the lovemaking session. A male partner lies flat on his back and keeps his legs straight. The female partner enjoys deep stimulation with the penis and feels rubbing and friction of the clitoris. Men like to enjoy variations like reverse cowgirl, sitting up cowgirl, and horizontal cowgirl in the position.
  2. Missionary Position– It provides pleasure and satisfaction through skin-to-skin contact. Couples can start with exciting foreplay and play with fingers to enjoy stimulation. A male partner takes charge of the female’s body during missionary sex and dominates the depth and pace of the penetration. Place a pillow beneath your partner’s head to enjoy elevation and gain maximum contentment.
  3. Doggy Style– Receiving partner positions herself on their knees and hands like a dog. The giving partner controls the depth and lies on top of the receiver. A female can bring her legs closer and allow her mate to lick, kiss, or bite her shoulders or nipples. The doggy-style position doesn’t require a bed or mattress, and it’s suitable for having oral sex.
  4. Spooning– Spooning sex is suitable for individuals who wish to smell their partner’s hairs, neck, and breath. They can also hear their partner moan and make noises. This position puts less strain on joints and provides a meaningful exchange of sexual satisfaction by increasing excitement.
  5. Legs-On-The-Shoulder– A female partner puts her legs above her mate’s shoulder and lies on her back to enjoy deep penetration. Men like the sense of dominance and take control of the speed and angle. He can stimulate the G-spot quickly and change the angle of penetration according to his fantasies.
  6. Lap Dance– Couples can spice up their romantic relationships by trying this sensual position. Men love it because it allows them to play with their partner’s body and erogenous parts like nipples, breasts, waist, and neck. The giving partner sits on a high-backed chair to provide pleasure, and the receiving partner places their ankles above their companion’s shoulders.
  7. Butterfly– It’s a power-packed position that guarantees pleasure and satisfaction. Couples can also perform anal sex in this position and achieve orgasm. A female partner lies on the edge of the bed and uses pillows or wedges to elevate their hips for perfect penetration. This position allows men to stimulate their partner’s erogenous zones like breasts or nipples.
  8. Flatiron– It combines the missionary and doggy style positions. It allows a male partner to stimulate their mate’s G-spot with full force and switch to deeper thrusts. The receiving partner lies face down, and the giving partner thrusts his penis in and out and controls the speed and the angles.

Sexual Intimacy and the Extra Pleasure

Men love to feel arousal in unexpected ways and try to penetrate their partner’s erogenous zones with lips, tongues, and mouth. They like to lick, kiss, touch, stroke, and massage different body parts such as ears, butt, neck, lower back, nipples, vagina, breasts, scalp, inner wrists, armpits, and stomach. Stimulating pleasure points can enhance sexual arousal and lift the mood for a lovemaking session. A male partner always looks to extend his pleasure during intimate moments through positions such as Eyes to the Sky, Lotus, Sidewinder, 69,  Kitchen Confidential, Waterfall, Angled Missionary, and Pretzel.

Sex has many advantages in a romantic relationship. It lowers the stress level and releases the happy hormone oxytocin. Sexual experimentation is suitable for couples who want to try new things in lovemaking. They can try different positions and oral sex techniques to strengthen their sex lives.