Having the Best Oral Sex of All Times with Your Partner

Every partner has a different taste when it comes to pleasure before, during, or after a lovemaking session. It can be intensely satisfying when you can find out what works best for your better half. Several sexual activities can strengthen the love life between couples, and one such activity is oral sex. It is an activity that involves the use of the mouth, lips, tongue/throat to penetrate another partner’s anus or genitals like a penis or vagina. Many lovers include oral sex as an essential part of foreplay before a sexual encounter. A person finds oral play as a pleasurable act to physically arouse another partner and set the mood right for an intimate session. There is a lack of education about oral sex, and many women relate their menstrual cycle to it. Blowjob, Rimming, or going down are some words to describe oral sex in short.

Most couples love to give and receive pleasure during their private time in bed and enjoy oral sex as part of their sexual lives. If you love to experiment during a lovemaking session to make it more exciting, you will love to lick, suck and stimulate your partner’s genitals. There are different types of oral-genital stimulation that couples can enjoy, such as cunnilingus that involves the stimulation of the vulva, vagina, or clitoris. The penetration of the penis or testicles by a female partner is known as Fellatio and blow job. The stimulation of the anus by a male partner is known as rimming. Giving and receiving oral intercourse can strengthen the sexual life of the couples but also put pressure on one another to perform this to make their partners satisfied and happy.

Several Benefits Associated With Oral Sex for Couples Are Mentioned Below

  • The oral-genital stimulation improves the sleep quality in females as soon as they give a perfect blowjob to their partner. The semen produced by penetrating the penis contains a melatonin chemical that promotes better sleep and relaxation in women.
  • Male sperm contain chemicals like estrogen and oxytocin that helps to enhance the mood and relieve mental stress in females. It is also beneficial in getting relief from pain as it is rich in endorphin chemicals.
  • Male partners also enjoy several health benefits by performing oral sex with their partners. Semen released during oral play contains a high amount of prostatic acid phosphate and fructose and helps men feel relaxed and get glowy skin.
  • The proteins found in male semen reduce the risk of preeclampsia, a high blood pressure condition that accompanies pregnancy in women. Oral play also helps in making pregnancy successful without any complications.
  • Oral sex leads to the production of oxytocin chemical that regenerates several cells in the body that helps in healing wounds faster and reduces the risk of prostate cancer in couples.
  • Male sperm is rich in nerve growth factor (NGF) that is helpful in the development, maintenance, and survival of the neurons in women. It also enhances the brain’s cognitive function making your memory sharp.

How to Perform Oral Sex Safely for Maximum Pleasure?

  1. Open-Communication with the Partner– It’s better to establish open communication with your mate to enjoy the oral play. You can express your feelings of giving or receiving oral pleasure with your sexual partners if you are comfortable with them because it is an intimate act. Talking to them will avoid any confusion or hesitation during the activity, and you can start with kissing or touching to make them ready for the final game.
  2. Using Protection– It’s always a good idea to use protective measures during any sexual activity. Couples can make the most out of an oral pleasure act with entire satisfaction by using a condom during fellatio and a dental dam during analingus and cunnilingus. Unprotected oral sex can lead to sexually transmitted diseases (STD) such as Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Herpes, Syphilis, and Human-Immuno Deficiency Virus (HIV). So, better be safe and enjoy the session by taking all precautions.
  3. Choosing Compatible Positions– Some of the best postures to enjoy oral pleasure include, Sit & Kneel, On Your Stomach, Giraffe, Face-sitting, Doggy Style, Kivin Method, Standing Up, the Classic, and the 69. A couple can also introduce props and toys for an unforgettable experience such as clit suction sex toy, vibrating tongue or penis ring, fingertip vibrator, arousal balm, sex pillow, feather tickler, and butt plug.
  4. Following the Basics of Oral Sex– A male partner need to spend time kissing, caressing, and touching the tits, inner and upper thigh area before going down to please their female partners. You should gently lick around the vaginal opening and the hooded clitoris. On the other hand, a female partner can use their lips to shield the teeth to prevent the chances of injury to the penis. You can also try lip, tongue, and mouth movements to stimulate the male organ and excite the male partners for a passionate sexual encounter.

The practice of oral play can increase the bonding and physical affection between couples. Oral-genital stimulation can also bring more satisfaction, pleasure, and happiness in your love life with your partner. It also releases happy hormones in the body and reduces the risks of infidelity in a sexual relationship.