All You Need to Know About Kunyaza

Kunyaza is a sexual technique originated from Rwanda that brings women pleasure making them ejaculate. This term “Kunyaza” refers to the female ejaculation or squirting and making a woman happy about her sexual life. It is referred to as the release of white fluids from the urethra of a woman and protects from any urinary tract infections (UTIs). The fluid contains the prostatic acid phosphatase (PSA) that comes from the paraurethral glands. Women, just like men, also ejaculate, and there is nothing shameful about it because it is a way of feeling physical pleasure. Kunyaza centers around female orgasms who feel sexually aroused with their partner’s efforts.

History Behind the Sex Technique
It is believed that the story got its origin from the third dynasty of the Rwandan monarchy. A queen disturbed by the absence of her king ordered one of her guards to make love to her. The guard started shivering, and instead of penetrating her with the penis, he shook it left and right against her clitoris and vulva. The range of motions of his organs made the queen squirt for the first time, and she felt so satisfied with it. Upon the arrival of his partner, she asked him to perform the same activity that was termed “Kunyaza.” The technique has defined that women can achieve orgasm without penetration and get maximum pleasure. Making a woman ejaculate is a matter of pride in Rwanda, and a husband who successfully makes her woman squirt shows the real signs of masculinity.

Ejaculation was considered a pleasurable thing meant for males only in the past and involved male sexuality and penis. But Kunyaza has changed the scenario entirely and proved women can also squirt before or during an orgasm. The procedure, if performed correctly, can improve the physical and mental well-being of females. A happy woman can enjoy the sex with the full intensity that will help boost her immune system, protect her against heart disease, provide relief from stress and anxiety, and lower her blood pressure. A perfect lovemaking session can also enhance the mood and the emotional and physical connection between couples.  A female’s body produces pain-relieving hormones during an orgasm that helps deal with problems like headaches, menstrual cramps, back, body, and leg pain. It also releases hormones like prolactin and oxytocin that help in improving sleep quality. Female orgasm has several health benefits, such as increasing brain activity, boosting fertilization and embryo implantation, and regulating the menstrual cycle in women.

How to Practice Kunyaza Effectively With Your Partner?

  • A male partner can perform the procedure using penetrative or non-penetrative methods. He can penetrate her mate’s vulva using the head of the penis and tap and rub the labia, clitoris, and the top of the vagina. The motions of the organ can be circular and zigzag, based on the comfort of your lady. In another method, a man slowly inserts the penis inside the vagina and stimulates the part from inside. He can make entry and exit strokes to make her partner sexually aroused and help her to reach orgasm and feel pleasure. Men need to ensure that the penis and the vulva are lubricated since the start of the session to feel the sensation completely. The intensity of the movements during both the penetrative and non-penetrative stimulation should be slow and can be increased depending on the female’s sexual arousal.
  • To feel the entire satisfaction, a woman should lie on her back with legs wide open to make it comfortable for her male partner to start the show. Couples can adopt different sexual positions such as doggy style, sitting, standing, and spooning to perform the activity effectively. Choose the best posture that suits you and your partner to make the experience better and long-lasting.

  • To enjoy the stimulation and higher sensitivity, a woman needs to shave or remove her pubic hairs. It can help create more friction between the vulva and the male’s private organ and make it comfortable for the partner to indulge in the session with full passion and energy.
  • A couple needs to establish open communication before the start of Kunyaza. A healthy bond is all about openness and expressing your hidden feelings and desires to your partner without any fear, confusion, or hesitation. Making efforts to convince your lover to try something exciting and new in your love life can actually make your sexual relationship better. So, do not think much when it comes to trying the technique with your lover.

Female ejaculation was considered taboo in ancient times, but it has come into notice after the introduction of Kunyaza that gives sexual satisfaction to women. It is a physical need that gives her happiness when fulfilled, and a male partner should be open to it and perform it in a planned manner. Practicing Kunyaza can be a perfect way to sexually arouse your lover and increase her libido for a long-lasting lovemaking session.