Time to Fulfill Sexual Fantasies during the Challenging Time

People around the world are inventing new ways to utilize their time productivity during the ongoing pandemic. Every country, up to a certain level, enforced quarantine and self-isolation to check the spread of the virus. Initially, when this pandemic started, people got baffled about how to spend time alone.

But later on, people started looking for different ways to keep themselves entertained as they realized this pandemic yet to be over. One of the most interesting ways of utilizing free time is sexual activities.

It is worth noting that people learned and started practicing different techniques that give them an immense amount of pleasure. They also better understanding themselves and their sexual desires.

Getting to know ourselves is a wonderful experience. It gives you information about yourself that will benefit you throughout your life. As far as sexual activities are concerned, it looks like people are going to have traumatic experiences since physical contact was a restriction in almost every part of the world.

Some couples were fortunate enough to have someone beside them, but adults living away from their homes got stuck alone. In this blog, we are going to understand how people started realizing their sexual desires and made them come true even during quarantine or self-isolation.

Sex is a private thing that people rarely talk about. Fantasies and desires keep developing their mind and if they don’t become a reality soon enough, the arising mental state could be highly undesirable. Adults can get dissatisfied which affects their self-esteem and self-confidence.

But, as humans and other species are highly adaptable to the surrounding, people also get used to quarantine and adjusted them accordingly. Before going further, let’s first understand what are the sources of these irresistible sexual fantasies that occupy our minds?

Sources of sexual fantasies

It would easier to identify the source of sexual fantasies if we study the process systematically. The process usually starts from childhood. There is a natural human instinct present among all of us to get attracted to the opposite sex, but not necessarily.

Same-sex attraction is also a reality and an instinct- nothing to worry about as “we don’t get to choose whom we love.” Once we become an adult (attain the age of 18), we start having access to porn sites, magazines, erotic movies, etc., that contributes to the development.

Our desires grow even stronger when one or some of our friends describe their fantasies or real experience if any. As we grow up, our sexual fantasies start growing even stronger.

It is worth noting here that some of our sexual fantasies can get satisfied by masturbating, but not all. Now, let’s try to answer this question- “What exactly are sexual fantasies?”

Know about sexual fantasies

Sexual fantasies are those mental pictures of sexual acts that you wish to do with someone, someday. It is like a dream; the only difference is that it has high chances of becoming a reality.

There are two types of sexual fantasies. Firstly, you may fantasize about sexual acts with some particular individual. In this case, the fantasy grows stronger whenever you see that person. While in the second case, there is need not be a face that you may remember. You simply fantasize about the sexual act, nothing else.

What are some of the most popular sexual fantasies? 

During normal times, people usually fantasize about doing sex in different poses. They think of different ways to do oral sex. Depending upon their preferences, they might fantasize about sucking or licking particular organs or whole bodies. Similarly, people might fantasize about a different fetish that they may have.

But during times of ongoing pandemic, people don’t want to think about something that isn’t going to happen in the near future. Hence, they start fantasizing about other stuff. For instance, penis massage, full body massage, using sex toys, etc., have gained prominence. You might surprise to know that the sale of sex toys is at the highest level these days.

However, let us systematically understand different types of sexual fantasies based on different parameters.

  • To whom: You may want to have sexual intercourse with people of different ages than yours. Some can get attracted to a busty neighbor or a MILF. Similarly, some can get attracted to celebrities and public features. Others may develop fantasies for one or some of the people living in their surroundings whom they see frequently. You never know for whom your hormones get triggered.
  • With what: Some adults fantasize about getting intimate using chocolates, strawberries, ice, etc. Others like to see the person of their fantasy in a particular garment. People also fantasize about a rough session, so they might include sex toys in their fantasies.
  • How: Some prefer hardcore while others fantasize about softcore. Some prefer oral sex over penetration. Adults might also develop fantasies about BDSM.

Where: The preference of place of doing it differs from person to person. Some like doing it in the bedroom while others may prefer somewhere else, such as the kitchen, living room, or even at some public place. Be a little careful thinking about doing sexual acts in public places as it might not be legal in your country.

Your fantasies and quarantine

After having learned about sexual fantasies in great detail, let’s learn how you can make some of your fantasies come true even during the lockdown. Spend alone time with yourself and try to understand your body.

Start by looking around yourself or observing your daily activities. Once you know what you prefer, act accordingly. Use sex toys for having fun. Lay down and imagine the things that you want to do.

You can also visit an online platform for having fun. Online video calls are excellent ways of interacting with a person of your choice. Do what pleases you and stay safe and healthy.