Secrets to Giving a Perfect Oral Sex—It’s All About Pleasure

Oral sex, when performed perfectly, creates an experience worth fantasizing. And it becomes even more exciting and stimulating when you know exactly how you need to perform to make it a memorable session.It obviously creates the basic foundation for the whole sex activities. If oral sex is your key act for the sexual stimulation, and you want your partner to perform it in the way how you want, these important secrets will surely help you get the best out of the oral sex session.

Whether you are receiving or giving oral sex, some common and effective approaches are relevant to everyone. Similar to many other sex techniques,you must start feeling liberated in the moment and keep everything aside that gives you stress. Stay happy and focused in the moment.

Tease Your Partner with Kisses and Touches

To create expectation and activate the fantasies, give a little kiss and gentle touch on your partner’s inner thighs and other sensitive body parts. Simply hover over your partner’s body and keep kissing the body parts to stimulate their desires. You may also put your kisses on the entire body to build the urges and boost full body orgasms.

Make Sure Your Partner in the Comfort Zone

Another important thing to ensure before you go down to give your head is to make sure your partner is relaxed. A man or woman can never attain his/her sexual satisfaction until they are comfortable for the same. Remember that everyone has different preferences. If a female partner believes that she is with someone who will not get hurried up in bed–that will be an incredible sex session.

Be in the Best Position That Makes you Feel Comfortable

You must take care of your partner’s position—make sure she is in the most comfortable position to give you the oral sex. If you want to make some changes in the positions, you may try a comfortable sofa or chair where the giver finds it easier to swallow your penis.

Effective Techniques for Her:

If you are a giver, you should take care of some important techniques. You need to start the session slowly. Move forward little by little. Go down gently to the area and start removing the clothes. Keep touching the sensitive parts while removing the clothes. You may use your teeth instead of your hand for taking off the clothes.

Lick the navel and descend or kiss his penis before you start. Start with your fingers and tongues to get the things in the right way.Be creative in stimulating your partner’s sexual desires—you may use your fingers and tongue in some erotic manner.

Effective and Recommended Steps for a Great Session

Hold your partner’s penis tightly, making it go up and down. Take it in your mouth and hold his penis in such a way that you take it in and out of your mouth perfectly in a creative manner.

Some people love engaging in deep throat oral sex, which is certainly one of the most stimulating sex acts. If you have to do it, insert the penis into the mouth without using your hand. And your male partner pushes his penis deep to your throat. It also involves some intense activities as your male partner will grab your hair to let you know how depth he wants.

Listen to Your Partner

Sometimes, we don’t know how it is effective to listen to your partner while giving oral sex. It means that you need to read his/her body. Monitor the breathing and try to see how your partner is moving the body parts during the oral sex session. You need to listen to your partner’s body part so you give the services as per their needs. You will not be asking for the next move once you understand your partner’s body need.

Experiment with the Prostate Play

Did you know that playing with prostate can stimulate your male partner’s sexual desires to the fullest? One of the effective tips for making oral sex a memorable experience is to massage the perineum. It gives the external incitement to the prostate gland, thus stimulating your male partner for a longer period of oral sex comes true.

Keep Mixing Up the things to Give the Best Experience

You don’t need to stick with the same thing in the same position. If you want to make it different than ever before, you need to mix up the things in such a way that your partner comes to enjoy a set of different sex acts at the same time—but the major focus should be on blowjob at all moments.

Things to Keep in Mind

So, these are some important things you should always keep in mind if you look forward to enjoying the blowjob session to the fullest. All these things are based on three key things—your creative approach, desire, and intense sex urges. Protection is always a matter of concern that you should never compromise on. Make sure you and your partner is following all the safety measures properly to avoid the possible sexually transmitted disease (STD) infections.

Get down to give a perfect blowjob to experience the pleasure you are looking for.