Subscribe to Our Premium Ad to Increase Your Contacts

If it is taking time to increase your contacts, try out our Premium Ad to enjoy the unlimited phone calls from your potential customers. It gives more exposure to your ads than the free ads—it is now active for all advertisers across the globe. Oklute encourages its visitors to go for it as they are entitled to avail more benefits once they subscribe to our premium ads.

So, this guide is going to help you throughout the process. It is open to everyone who comes to increase their contacts in their locations.

What is Premium Ad?

Oklute covers everyone’s requirements—and this is the reason why we come up with premium ads. It is an additional benefit for the subscribers who want to increase their contacts by many folds. Your adult classifieds will end up benefiting you in many ways even if you have subscribed to our VIP or VIP Exclusive for your profile promotion.

It can take your profile to the top position, even higher than the VIP and VIP Exclusive ads by increasing the visibility up to 200%. Consequently, it ends up increasing your contacts by many folds.

Your possibility to attract more and more customers will be better than any other ads. You will be seen at first whenever your potential customers come to search the adult classifieds in your specific location.

In addition to it, you will come to enjoy some additional benefits as well. While VIP and VIP Exclusive classifieds are restricted to only one preview, premium ads will be allowing you for 3 preview photos—it provides conveniences to your potential customers to look through your 3 best photos without going into the ad.

You will be able to let your phone number be seen more vividly than ever before. It is also believed to be very convenient for the visitors as they can easily find the phone number to contact quickly. It will be way easier to reach out to the potential clients.

Your bookings will surprisingly increase in just a few days—your contact number is mentioned right under the 3 pictures in your adult ads. You should make sure the preview photos are highly impelling and erotic to allure your clients.

Your position in the list of ads will be better than anybody else’s ad. Your ad will display on top of the others making quite a difference with TOP ads, and an even greater difference with free ads.

Besides, you will have available 3 preview pictures for your post while the other ones will only have one (or zero if it’s a free ad). These pictures are way bigger than they were before in the TOP ads. This way the clients will be able to check them without entering the ad. It will be perfectly legible in the ads’ list.

Your phone number will appear way more highlighted and visible than before. It will be way easier to call and contact you. Your network of contacts will expand in less than you imagine. The phone number will be placed right under the main 3 pictures of your ad, big enough to click on it so there is no need that you enter in the advertisement. So, choose wisely your top 3 pictures since they will highly impact the performance of your ad!

How Can I Start Availing the Benefits of Premium Ads?

It is as simple as promoting your classifieds under VIP and VIP Exclusive. You need to promote your profile in a way how you do with your other advertisements. Once you choose to customize the promotion activities, premium ad category will automatically be activated. It includes: if you customize your ads to be promoted in a specific time period; if you want to make it have 3 preview photos; and other specific things.

If you come through any technical problems or you have question to ask, please reach out to us by sending us your message to [email protected] You may also get the updates through our social media platforms on on Twitter and Instagram.