Oklute Goes All Out to Protect You Against Fake Ad Profiles

Being one of the most trusted online classified portals in the world, Oklute is home to millions of adult advertisers who reliably choose this platform to promote their ads and increase contacts in the locations. It operates in more than 25 countries in different languages, covering a large chunk of world’s total population.

Accompanied by the organic growth and expansion over the year, Oklute has also come across a large number of fraudulent profiles, being created with an objective to cheat the people who usually turn up to this platform in search of their sex companion.

But Oklute is determined to protect the people and advertisers against all types of fake profiles. The dedicated team behind our global success is everything we are proud of. They are professionally efficient to deal with all types of challenges our visitors and adult advertisers come through. Our users’ security is one of the top priorities we never miss out.

We encourage our advertisers to let us know if anybody has created a fake profile. If you find a post being published using your photos and contact details without your permission, reach out to us—our efficient team will take appropriate action.

Our Team is Proactive in Dealing with Fake Profiles:

We ensure that no stone is unturned while ensuring the utmost protection against fake profile. We have a team of dedicated professionals who are ready to give appropriate reply to such incidents. We take this issue very seriously. Our experienced professionals go through each and every detail that has been provided to us.

Since we keep monitoring to avoid such incidents on Oklute, yet we might not be able to take on every ad published on a daily basis. This is the reason we encourage our advertisers to let us know if they come through any fake profile. We also want our visitors to send us the profile if they find anything dubious.

Because of so millions of ads being published on a daily basis, we ensure that our professionals have more communication channels to connect to us. Don’t hesitate to use our extensive point of communication in case of any confusion or question.

Once our team finds any ad fraudulent with fake images and details, we immediately take the ads down, and also block the email id through which the fake profile was created.

Notify Us Immediately:

A fake profile is considered to be the ad published without the individual’s consent. If someone has published a profile without taking your permission, it will be considered to be a fake profile on Oklute. We don’t know why such things are taking place on this platform. If it happens to you, please send the URL and the reasons why you want to delete the profile. Send us the details to privacy@oklute.com.

Once your message is received, our team starts looking into it. We delete the profile in no time if our team finds your reasons true and justified.

Other situation may arise when a published advertisement includes wrong details—it would be also that someone might have tried to make some changes in your profile. If you find such things, you should immediately reach out to us with your doubts and questions to support@oklute.com.

We seek your patience as it might take some time—yet we go all out to ensure that your request is addressed properly on time. We encourage our advertisers and service seekers to avoid junk messages and fake ids—they should also be aware of the things happening around.

As mentioned above, you may reach out to our team at any moment in time through our communication channels and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.