Treat Anorgasmia and Enjoy a Better Sex

A sex drive or satisfaction depends on many factors and keeps on changing with time. Your physical, mental and emotional health also decide whether you enjoy sexual intercourse. You can experience a beautiful love life and intimate moments when you feel comfortable with each other. But, if you are not achieving an orgasm followed by a high penetration, you are suffering from “Anorgasmia.” Individuals who come across the problem don’t find pleasure in the lovemaking moments with their partners. Whether moans, sensual touches, naughty activities, or gasps, nothing works for them.

It’s a sexual dysfunction that prevents a person from gaining orgasm even after getting stimulated for a long time. Anorgasmia or frigidity, or Coughlan’s syndrome, can lead to frustration in males and females. The sexual disorder occurs more in women than men and can spoil a marriage. It can become a complicated issue that requires a permanent solution.

How Can You Get Over Anorgasmia?

Everyone deserves to feel special in the company of their partners. But, a sexual inability like Anorgasmia can ruin their quality time in bed. Pleasure is one of the essential elements that keep a bond alive. It’s essential to value your partner’s beliefs, ideas, feelings, hidden desires, moods, preferences and fantasies to share a healthy bond and enjoy pleasure-giving moments.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

The person who undertakes the procedure feels a positive change in sexual experiences, desires, responses, and stimulation. After taking the CBT therapy, you will notice a difference in your attitude and ideas about sexual activities. It will also enhance self-confidence and the desire to enjoy lovemaking moments.

Think Positive and Forget About Stress & Anxiety

Mental stress, depression, and anxiety can affect the physical connection and ability to reach orgasm. It’s better to get comfortable between the sheets with a positive mindset and enjoy the present moment with a partner to feel the physical pleasure.

Antidepressants and stress-relieving medications, birth control pills, blood pressure medications, and antihistamines can affect libido and lower sexual excitement and the effectiveness in gaining pleasure. So, you must avoid taking these drugs to boost your sex drive.

Sex Education or Get Help from a Certified Sex Therapist

You can address Anorgasmia after reading study materials, books, articles, and resources about human sexuality and what affects the feeling of getting pleasure. Find ways to manage the sexual dysfunction and gain orgasm through different positions on the bed. Sex education can guide you in how a human body responds to physical activities.

A person can also book a consultation with a sex therapist if the situation seems out of control. He examines physical, psychological, and sexual health and offers appropriate solutions to enhance libido, confidence, and performance. A counselor can help if you are not responding to non-sexual touches, genital touching, and penetration. To treat Coughlan’s syndrome, you can choose testosterone replacement therapy, couples counseling, and sex therapy. Diabetic neuropathy, genital mutilation, and multiple sclerosis are medical disorders that lead to sexual dysfunction in males and females.

Get Rid Of Past Sexual Traumas

It gets difficult for a person to reach a climax if they deal with sex abuse or traumas from the past. These feelings can spoil the moments before, during, and after sexual intercourse. A bad experience can affect your ability to enjoy a pleasurable time with your partner. It’s better to communicate with your spouse about your feelings and become comfortable enjoying sexual intercourse.

Focus On an Effective Physical Stimulation

It’s an art that sets the scene for a suitable orgasm. You must experiment with different techniques and positions like the Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) to feel extra pleasure and gain orgasm in no time. A male partner can touch and caress his spouse’s body organs like periurethral glands, inner thighs, lower abdomen, nipples, and breasts to enhance sexual excitement and arousal. You can also explore your body and identify which type of touch gives you pleasure. Feel free to use vibrators, sex toys, butt plugs, or dildos to feel sensations.

Anorgasmia is broadly categorized into primary, secondary, situational, and random types. There are physical and psychological causes like sexual phobia, Parkinson’s disease, fatigue, alcoholism, cancer surgeries, pelvic trauma, surgical scars, molestations, rape, smoking, substance abuse, low testosterone, and neurological disorders that affect the sex drive and the ability to achieve a mind-blowing orgasm.


Couples can enjoy sexual relationships only after addressing the above issues that spoil their lovemaking moments. They can also manage the disorder through open communication and awareness of each other’s bodies. It’s better to learn about the different touches that your companion enjoys and which areas you need to cover to enhance physical arousal. Married life becomes beautiful when couples simultaneously focus on improving their physical and emotional intimacy. Choose the suitable treatment according to your requirement and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle to treat Anorgasmia.