Facts and Misconceptions about Anal Sex

Anal sex is a kind of sexual practice that involves the insertion of the penis into the anus of a female partner. Couples who love to explore new things in their love life to improve sexual relationships give a try to this activity. Sex is necessary to keep a love relationship alive, and it also provides relief from stress, anxiety, dissatisfaction, boredom, and tiredness in life. A better sexual life builds closeness among couples and improves their mental and physical well-being. But, anal intercourse has become a controversial topic in society, and many couples do not want to try it because of several myths associated with the act. Anal sex can also be pleasurable for couples if performed with a mindset.

Many women find it more pleasurable than vaginal intercourse, and those who find vaginal sex painful also prefer anal intercourse. Some myths need to be addressed to enjoy anal sex more pleasantly. It can also provide mental and physical satisfaction like regular intercourse if performed correctly.

Several Misconceptions And Facts About Anal Intercourse Are Mentioned Below:

  • Anal Sex Is Only For Gay People: Some people believe that anal sex is meant to be performed and enjoyed by homosexuals. But, it is a myth because heterosexual people can also enjoy and feel the pleasure of anal intercourse. A person’s gender identity or sexual orientation does not matter when performing this sexual activity. There are several nerve endings within the anus area, and it gives more pleasure to women when stimulated with a penis, sex toy, or vibrator.
  • Anal Intercourse Is Painful: Anal intercourse like vaginal sex can be less painful if you do it correctly.  A couple should mentally prepare themselves before indulging in such an act, and also mutual consent is essential to make the most of a session. A female needs to be mentally and physically relaxed to perform the deed because stress can lead to the contraction of the muscles down within the anus area, and it will spoil your whole fun. Couples need to make sure to involve themselves in passionate foreplay before the showdown. Try using silicone lube to reduce the friction during the session and make the experience less painful.
  • No Risk Of Getting Pregnant With Anal Sex: Most couples think there is no chance of pregnancy with anal intercourse and enjoy it more than vaginal sex. But, there is a risk of pregnancy involved in anal intercourse. It can happen while performing the sexual activity in a doggy style, and a male partner ejaculates inside the anus. There may be a chance of sperm entering towards women’s vagina.
  • No Need for Condoms in Anal Sex: These are the most preventive measures against any infection during sexual intercourse. But, unprotected sex can always lead to risks of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Performing anal sex without a protective measure also carries a high risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like human immunodeficiency virus, syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. You should always use a lubricated condom to reduce friction during intercourse and make it smooth for an erected penis to enter the anus.
  • Only Male Partners Experience Real Fun: It is not true because females enjoy anal intercourse like males do. Most women experience orgasm in the same way they feel while having vaginal intercourse. Sexual activity is all about mutual consent and getting comfortable with each other. A male partner can quickly stimulate her partner’s anus through sucking, kissing, or licking, and the practice is known as Analingus. Some women do not need a penis to stimulate their anus and instead use vibrating dildos or sex toys to experience a physical and mental pleasure.
  • The Anus Will Expand after The Intercourse: Anal sphincter muscles are tighter than the vaginal muscles, and the anal sex will only relax the organ. The sexual activity may lead to small tears in the anus that can be avoided using lubricants.

How Can Couples Enjoy Anal Intercourse Completely?

  • Couples can experience maximum pleasure and satisfaction from the activity by adopting several sexual positions, including missionary, doggy style, and spooning.
  • Make sure to speak openly with your lover before indulging in the act, as it needs mutual consent, relaxation, and comfort. Open communication with your lover will help you express your desires quickly.
  • A male partner can use silicone-based lubricants instead of water-based lube on the anus area for a smooth sexual experience. They can also start the session slowly using their fingers, tongue, or vibrators to activate the muscles around the body part.
  • Taking feedback about what the other partner is feeling related to the act can also help improvise the fun and excitement.
  • You need to maintain proper hygiene before and after the act and use body-friendly wipes. Both of you should take a shower together to clean yourself from any infection or bacteria post intercourse.