Exciting Ways of Kissing Your Partner According to Kamasutra

Kisses are important when expressing love to someone. Kissing also makes a relationship healthy and alive, like sexual intercourse. A good kiss can enhance the mood and sexual appetite of both partners. As mentioned in the Kamasutra, it is an essential part of foreplay. Kamasutra is an ancient Hindu book about love, intimacy, and sexual intercourse. A kiss can increase the excitement level between a couple and can arouse them sexually. It also helps burn calories, reduce stress and anxiety, add a different flavour of romance in life, and release happy hormones that make people feel joyful.

There are various kinds of kisses mentioned in Kamasutra that helps in getting mental and physical satisfaction in a relationship. Some of the kisses like lip and pressure kisses bring out a different intimacy level between the partners. Kissing is an act of showing affection, care, and love to your partner and also a part of expressing feelings to them.

Some Of The Kisses In Kamasutra Are Mentioned Below:

  1. Pressure Kissing– It is the most passionate kiss between couples. The kiss involves a high level of excitement and passion, and a partner bites and presses another partner’s lips. Add an element of role-playing while performing the kiss to enhance more pleasure and fun in lovemaking.
  2. Ice Kissing– This kiss is performed by placing an ice cube in between your lips and kissing your partner on the lips. Make sure to kiss each other till the time ice melts away. It will definitely give goosebumps to your partner and bring out unique sensuality. You can start the session of intense sex, hugs, and caress after the kiss.
  3. Lip Trace Kissing– A lip trace kiss is one of the most comfortable kisses you can perform with your partner. This is a gentle kiss where you kiss your partner’s lips for a long duration without causing any injury. A Lip trace kiss is about tracing the lips together while enjoying the moment passionately. This kiss can add a different spark to your love life and bring you closer to each other.
  4. Clasping Kissing– It is one of the most romantic kisses a couple performs. A partner takes both the upper and lower lip of another partner between lips to make the moment extra sensual and exciting. A clasping kiss helps both partners get more intimate and relaxed and make the moment more happening. The kiss can be performed best when the male partner is not having any facial hairs or mustaches.
  5. French Kissing– The French kiss leads the chart of the kisses in Kamasutra. The kiss can sexually excite both partners easily and make them feel a different level of sensuality. Lock your partner’s lips with yours to perform the kiss perfectly. You can try to reach out to your partner’s tongue while performing the kiss to add more pleasure to your experience. You can try a French kiss to express your intense feelings to your partner without saying a single word. If you want to have an exciting sexual encounter with your partner, perform a French kiss without hesitation.
  6. Touch Kissing– Touch kissing can help a couple make a profound and sensual connection with each other. This type of kiss is best to make your lover feel special and excited and can be the most romantic gesture in your love life. A partner slowly tilts his mouth towards his partner’s lips and starts kissing on the lips while touching their hands or holding them gently.
  7. Direct Kissing– This kiss is more passionate and romantic than the tongue kiss. Its duration is longer because both the partners perform it in a very comfortable and relaxed position. Direct kiss involves joining lips together without making much effort and preparation in advance. This is a gentle kiss that is not performed forcefully, unlike pressure kissing.
  8. Lizzy Kissing– Kissing without the use of the lips is known as lizzy kissing. Both partners join their tongues together and kiss without making any contact with the lips to perform Lizzy kissing. Couples who have an excellent understanding of each other can perform lizzy kissing to enjoy more physical intimacy in their relationships.
  9. Kissing to Ignite the Flame of Love– Kissing a partner when they are sleeping with a desire to engage in a sexual encounter with them. The kiss can quickly enhance the mood, sexual desire and ignite the flame of intimacy and love in another partner. The lovers who like excitement and thrill can perform the kiss to create some unforgettable memories.
  10. Sugar Kissing– Kissing your partner while having something in your mouth like ice creams, candies or chocolates, is a kind of sugar kiss. Both partners share the food items they love with each other until it finishes off or melt away. Sugar kissing is passionate and can be performed by couples who love to experiment with new things in their relationship to make it healthy.

Several Health Benefits Associated with Kissing Your Partner
Kissing can help reduce stress and blood pressure in both couples. It is best to avoid awkwardness, embarrassment, silence, and embarrassment in a love relationship. Kissing is a powerful exercise to burn extra calories and maintain a healthy weight. It also fights cavities because of the amount of saliva that comes into the mouth, and saliva helps fight plaque on the teeth. Couples can quickly tone up their facial muscles if they kiss each other regularly. A good kiss also releases happy hormones like dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins that help in relieving depression, disappointment and make couples feel relaxed and comfortable.

Kissing can improve our physical and mental well-being and can be performed without any hesitation with your partner. It can help couples strengthen their love life and intimacy and enhance physical and emotional attachment. Kissing your partner is the best way to make physical contact to show affection, caress, and attention.