Orgasm in Your Sleep – A Complete Guide

Yes, it is possible to achieve orgasm in your sleep without sex. Since it is a rare condition, however many women have experienced so and it is quite a normal condition. Commonly known as a nocturnal orgasm or wet dream, it is largely associated with male sexual maturity, as they grow up their testosterone level increases. Nevertheless, anyone can experience the sleep orgasm.

In line with some studies, sleep orgasms are generally caused by some sexual dreams. It starts increasing the blood circulation to the genitals in combination with deep relaxation. It makes the body attain orgasm without external sexual acts or penetration.

According to the experts, it is a common part of our existence, and possibly it helps our body relieve tension while we are in deep sleep. It is also a way for our body to experience the pleasure.

What Leads to Wet Dream:

A sexual dream

A dream that arouses your sexual urges can be one of the most prevalent reasons for a wet dream. When you are in a deep sleep and you start visualizing sexually arousing dream during the rapid eye movement (REM), it starts increasing the blood circulation in the pelvic area and your brain gears up for the orgasm. There is no wrong if you wake up in the middle of the night in full ecstasy or you find yourself aroused—it’s an absolute normal condition.

Too much anxiety or eagerness may also lead to nocturnal orgasm

You may also experience wet dream if you are going through a stressful time or you are much excited for sexual pleasure. Too much stress or sexual excitement may result in impulsive orgasm in the midnight.

Tips to experience the wet dream for female

If you dream of experiencing orgasm in your sleep, you may use these tips to attain the pleasure. As per a research, about 40% of women can experience this condition by the age of 40. So there are so many ways that may possibly lead to the nocturnal orgasm.

Sleep on your stomach

Try to sleep on your stomach—this sleeping position is believed to cause the clitoral stimulation. It is also associated with the vibrant dreams. The possibility of dreaming sexual activities is higher if you sleep on your stomach and you have not enjoyed sex recently.

Think about sex and erotic fantasies

While in the bed, before you go into deep sleep, you should let your mind create some fantasies. Think about the sexual acts and some erotic things that stimulate your urges. You may also play with your sensitive body parts before you fall asleep. Touching your nipples may also lead to wet dreams—it is sometimes more pleasurable when you are alone in your bed and you are engrossed in your thoughts and fantasies.

How to stop experiencing wet dream:

If you don’t want to undergo such experiences, you can do some tricks to avoid it. Since it is quite impossible to stop your mind from dreaming, yet there are some effective tricks you can use:

Relaxation and stay stress free

First of all, you need to say goodbye to your stress—since we are all surrounded by many things that can easily cause stress in our life. You need to focus on the activities that can keep your body relaxed. Take a deep sleep for 7-8 hours every day. Do exercises to stay healthy. On the other hand, you should also try to get disconnected completely from the activities that you do every day. Engage in some unique and interactive activities that distract you from your professional and personal life.

Don’t watch porn or any stimulating content

You should avoid watching any video or porn that stimulates your genitals. Take your mind off sexual shows if you don’t want to experience the unnatural orgasm in your sleep.

Sleep on your right side—it may work actually

In order to avoid unintended sexual stimulation during the night, you should sleep on your right side. It is found that the nocturnal orgasm happens more often when you sleep on your back or abdomen.

Take a cold shower

A cold shower may also help you avoid experiencing wet dream. It reduces the genital sensitivity.

So, these are some tricky steps you can try if you don’t want to experience unintended orgasm in the midnight. Instead, you should go and find your partner to enjoy every sex act that stimulates your genitals.