How to Manage Yours Ads in Oklute Easily?

With increasing number of advertisers at Oklute, it is becoming a trusted platform for many people for adult classified ads from different countries. If you look forward to promoting your profile on this platform, you need to know how to manage your ads in Oklute easily. You may check out other posts in our Blog to learn more about publishing your ads.

This post is particularly designed with all the required steps to help you managing your ads in Oklute.

Step-By-Step Process

To make your advertisement prominent on Oklute, you primarily have to modify your ads or suspend them for quite some time. This will give your ads sufficient time to engage viewer with it. To manage your ads, you need to LOGIN to your account, putting down your user id and password.

After entering to your profile page, choose the particular ad that you want to modify or manage. Than you need to click on to ‘I AM NOT A ROBOT’ for processing into your workable personal area. As soon as you enter here, you will be availing with various options of managing your account i.e. from activating ads to delete or even suspend ads.

Here, you can go through all your active and suspended ads, even those advertisement that got expired. Thus, you will be having all the right to access the ads that you want to show it in your profile.

Modify Your Ads

If you simply want to manage your ads by changing a particular ad, go to MODIFY option and as soon as you proceed towards it, you can make any changes in your selected ads that you want. Even you can add or delete pictures to make the post more seductive and customizable.

After undergoing the necessary changes, for updating the changes, go and click on CONTINUE. Wow! Your post is updated.

Suspend Ads

For suspending your ads, the method to do is few steps away. Select your ad that you will like to suspend. Now as you precede with this post, press the button of SUSPEND. While doing so, you place your ad to a medium where the post is on hold, till the time you decide to either reactivate or delete it forever.

Delete Ads Forever

If you choose to permanently delete your post from your account, click the DELETE option. You would have a final notification in your screen, asking about your last confirmation till before removing it permanently.

Renew Your Ads

If your ad is expiring soon and you want to continue with Oklute promotion, you need to follow some simple steps–go to your Manage account and click on ‘RENEW PROMOTION’ option. Then, proceed with BUY to get back the same promotional option that you used in your previous time or the one you want to opt for.

Make sure to check all the information and options you selected in your cart and then, proceed for payment. Once you are done with payment, your ads will directly get promoted.

Why Only Oklute?

Oklute is one of the promising and authentic adult advertisement portals that cater only classified and exact ads straight from the real person, without tempering the account.

Being a global leader in this domain, Oklute offer you innovative contact portal ensuring about its service genuinity along with allowing a smooth conversation for developing taste, contact and offer negotiation.

As we vouch for happiness and pleasure, serving you is our key responsibility. And so, at times you face any doubts or problem, reach to our team directly by email at or directly communicate us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

If you are still waiting to join our platform, don’t think much and be a part of Oklute family!